23 thoughts on “Red dot vs Variable Power Optics

  1. RKBA says:

    Since I can't afford the outrageous prices of Trijicon optics, I settled for a Leupold VXR Patrol 1.25-4 with Firedot reticle. Wouldn't recommend though as I'm having trouble with the adjustment turrets moving since they're not capped. Damnit! Gotta call Leupold and see if they have a solution or I'm changing optics.

  2. Hollywood TactiCAL says:

    Hey Billy, great channel and content. Thank you for your service. What do you think of the Leupold LCO/ D-EVO setup? I have shot it before and it's excellent IMO. I have used EOTECH and currently run AIMPOINT on my carbines and like them both. I have a 1-6x on my DMR .308 rifle, and it's very accurate.

    However the Leupold setup shot accurately as well and would appear to be a replacement for the variable power single scope setup. They are two separate units so you could run the LCO by itself or run the D-EVO at a NON-variable 6x. Normally not ideal for close range with 6x only.

    Basically when I shot it you have an RDO when you look straight and when you slightly look down you have a 6x magnified sight picture with an aiming reticle. You have the same eye relief and keep the same cheek weld on the rifle when aiming. The setup isn't light for sure. However I found it quite innovative and was curious on your opinions. It would essentially replace optics on both rifles, for my purposes. Thanks and keep the vids comin.


  3. Ian Hall says:

    What do you think about a red dot with a magnifier? I normally use iron sights, but my rifle is really accurate at range and I want to take advantage of that. I really cant afford an acog or anything in that price range, is there a good durable alternative that isn't so expensive? Fixed or variable power both are fine with me.

  4. Hans Blitz says:

    Chief of police said he equipped his department with variable power optics on their carbines to get a closer look at subjects in stand-off situations for intel gathering, such as seeing is a gun might be fake for example or getting a really accurate shot in a hostage situation.

  5. InYourDefense says:

    OK, Billy . . . the correct pronunciation is "pew! pew! pew!"

    Now that that's out of the way, I've adopted the lit-reticle, optic. I have a Burris 3X on my AR, and a Burris 1-4X on my Henry Rifle (38/357 magnum). I really appreciate the quality of the content that you have on your channel.

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