Recon 1 – Cold Steel Knives

Recon 1 Folding Knife / Pocket Knife. Tactical Folder, Combat, Law Enforcement, Military, etc For a FREE color catalog, DVD, and more visit us at …

40 thoughts on “Recon 1 – Cold Steel Knives

  1. BrassNblades 52 says:

    To A Demko and the rest of the cs team! Thank you for building the best knives I have ever owned. I am no newbie either I have been into high end blades for a long time, bm's, zt's, spydrco, ect ect. You name it I've had it. I have even converted my knife snob of a father to a cs junkie with the tri ad lock recon 1 that I bought him for his bday! Just wanted to say thanks for making an outstanding product. And truly makeing the worlds strongest sharpest knives!

  2. carson willett. says:

    hello cold steel yesterday i dropped my cs recon 1 (2nd gen) and it got a bit of up and down blade play. i tried adjusting the pivot but nothing happened.any thing i can do it fix it? i got the knife on Wednesday so it didn't just loosen from use. please help

  3. askani79705 says:

    I miss the ultra lock the Tri Ad just doesn't open smoothly. I lost my old Ultra Lock and replaced it with the new version, I never carry it.I'm hoping that CS comes to their senses or I'll have to break down and shell out the cash for a Rift.

  4. azulnox says:

    The only thing I hate about this knife is the pseudo-jimping. I wish you guys actually did some real deep, short interval grooves instead of those shallow, wide spread tracks. Also the Tuff-ex coat gets to me, even under light abuse it begins to chip. Really wish you would use something along Kershaw's DLC coating which is nigh impossible to wear due to the fact that it's actually chemically bonded to the steel. :/

  5. Banšhee says:

    i have knives from other companies that i love i carry the large ak-47 nowband its gotta be my favorite so far, i have the mini gave it to my buddy whos an emt, i like both but prefer the large because of the blade size great job lynn and andrew!

  6. MidnightSundowns says:

    I just got my Recon 1 Tanto in this week. I was floored by how amazing it was. I work in a warehouse and often have to cut things up, so I decided to go all out and just buy the Recon, it was totally worth the price. Cold Steel fan for life from here on out. Fantastic.

  7. Matt Rossi says:

    @zanuha what? just because a screw comes off makes it shit? so that means that it must rust, it cant chop and you cant throw it? seriously? a stupid screw isn't going to make the product shit. So stop trying to point out little things in their knives/hawks that arent even a serious problem, you can live with it.

  8. Matt Rossi says:

    all u guys are retarded saying that they need to up their testing stfu, it can hold 200lbs and can gun clean through meat so stop trying to point out things about coldsteel knives and swords, their some of the best you can get

  9. 13Zerafa says:

    I have just bought this blade in tanto version. This thing is robust, super sharp and looks bad ass! The lock system locks into place firmly and there is absolutely no play at all. I just know I made the right choice, for $70 this knife is well worth the price..

  10. KyuiSuKim says:

    @matthias66 You could try what I did. I took some pliers and very lightly bent the tip of the clip up. Then i sanded down the clip side of the handle with 150 grit sandpaper for less than a minute. Now it clips and unclips real easy and dosent eat the hell outta my pocket.

  11. Ballowall says:

    I just got one of these. This knife can do everything they say it can do and then some. I didnt have any rope and I didnt try the car hood but after effortlessly slicing up a lot of cardboard and some aluminum cans the blade is still razor sharp. I'm really amazed with how light and strong it is considering the blade is huge. It honesty feels as sturdy as a fixed blade when its opened. and though i'm not gonna try it i'm sure you could throw it no problem. Super good knife.

  12. matthias66 says:


    You guys make awesome knives. I love the redesign on the new 2010 Recon 1. The new finger choils provide an excellent grip in conjunction with G-10 scales. Lock up is extremely tight with the Tri-Ad lock, and this blade is RAZOR sharp. I know when I buy a Cold Steel knife, it will be shaving sharp out of the box.

    The only issue I have with this new Recon 1 is the pocket clip, which is way too close to the handle, which makes it very hard to put in your pocket and retrieve it as well.

  13. Luís Silva says:

    @oshilzl Go for the AK 47. It might be harder getting used to the thump stud, but it can be used to deploy by snagging on your clothes as you pull it out of your pocket. Plus, it has a really good weight to size value. Just be sure to get the plain edge version.

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