21 thoughts on “Recap on our Knife Defense Social Experiment

  1. Bryan Slate says:

    Hi Nick, your videos are really awesome. It can save our lives. Please, could you do a video on how to defend from a guy with a knife from the top and blade pointing down, like shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1oDFSPliz4. Sorry if this video could be really shocking. There are some guys that stab from the top and are faster. I think defense techniques here would be a bit different. Thank you.

  2. Valerio says:

    Nick you're the best! I've been practising Martial Arts, but you always make down to earth/very clever advices, on how to behave in certain dangerous situation. You are the master I'd love to train with!!! Keep coming these great vid man!

  3. The Bolt Thrower says:

    Hi Nick, how are you doing brother, thanks for the vids, they´re very helpful… however i would like you to check out the Josue Estebanez- Palomino incident that occured in 2007 inside a train in Madrid (The vid is on Youtube) in which the guy swings the knife like if he is throwing wild hammerfists… i say this cause i got stabbed in the arm like that a few years ago and the guy who stabbed me just swinged like that, there´re so many guys that swing wildly the knife not specially like basil does in your social experiments vids… Just wanted to know what would it be the most accurate defense against that. Greetings.

  4. Paul Edwards says:

    Fantastic work as always bro. Ideas for more could be say a bat, or even a gun? 
    Keep it up Nick, blueprinting into peoples minds is a godsend. 
    All the best and stay safe, Vasil as well. 

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