Reaper Method Seminar (Libre Fighting, FMA, knife, martial arts)

Footage of the Reaper Method seminar that took place in Southern California on May 14th. Find us on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Reaper Method Seminar (Libre Fighting, FMA, knife, martial arts)

  1. Bobbo Morgan says:

    Some of this reminds me of prison fighting techniques. But they are professional killers. If I EVER have to defend me, my wife, or daughters I want to be "professional." I want to end it quickly and eficiently. In case people do not know it MANY people carry knives, and criminals practice knife fighting and gun take aways in prison. 1 LAPD officer had his Beretta filed stripped in the blink of an eye, the con had the slide and he had the frame- be cautious!

  2. Bobbo Morgan says:

    I have been leaving some really negative, but factual comments about martial arts that do not work- your stuff looks great. Very realistic and always using the drills while moving. And as with real martial arts I saw some blood. But that's what it takes. Keep up the good work- I wish you well!!!

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