Reality of Street Fights

Click here for more fighting tips ▻ The reality of street fights is that they are never fair. In street fighting, you don’t …

24 thoughts on “Reality of Street Fights

  1. trevorcarterva says:

    I've seen people in a verbal argument that is seconds a way from escalating into violence and one of them always turns away from the other one, even if only slightly, and guess what happens? The guy that turned his head gets nailed. Stupidity.

  2. M1lkk says:

    Hi Nick, I like your approach and fortunately it is quite rare to encounter fight situations just by avoiding few bad places when you can. However for girls, they have to deal with sexual aggressivity nearly everywhere, because of creepy and sometimes violent behaviors of some men, or should I say boys. A lot of girls just live with that insecurity and sometimes even accept it. What would be your recommendation to them, when boys start to act aggressively 'eager' or even violent, whereas girls just want them to go away? What basics behaviors and moves should they learn?
    Cheers and keep on going

  3. Jonny Rolling says:

    Thanks Nick,excellent real life advice, in case we become deluded by thinking our training is enough;in Krav Maga our coach always warns us to avoid and walk away before getting involved with someone who may be the local psycho-"defend the self"

  4. Rick J. says:

    Love this guy because he actually teaches self defense in the most realistic way. I hate these so called martial art experts online, that think you can fight 3 or 4 guys at once, like some Bruce Lee movie.

  5. Player NMH says:

    the part about ego depends, im 16 but im in paramilitary squad of 28 ppl, so i have alot of fighting and self-defence in theory and practic, so there's that guy which hits on my girlfriend for few months he's 23 was in jail for trying to suffocate a guy in a fight, and other stuff from which he shouldn't be proud. So I met him once on a street, walking with my pal from class in school and 2 friends, he ignored them walked right into me sayin' "get the fuck out of that street or you will have no entrance to school" whole monologue was me angrying him more by just saying one word "why?" no matter if he asked something said or even wasn't talking anything i just kept repeating "why?" just to angry him, at the end he started walking away saying "better get the fuck out of here" i went after him because he didn't finish his sentence before so i asked him about it, guy tried to scare me but got scared coz he realized i had a gun with myself coz im 3 years of training in paramil squad xDDDD watch macho get matched. Sometimes it's useful to think before fight and he underestimated me much because few days later when i was near city hall with some friends from that squad (almost everyone had at least a police baton) he walked at us with like 7 guys (we were 5 there) they started shouting and stuff and whole thing continued for like 5 minutes b4 one of em pulled out knife, well it wasnt the smartest decision straight infront of city hall with security guards, and against a paramilitary squad with rights from president of city ( training with police, firefighters and paramedics ) we pulled out guns and batons, there was a little of fighting going on but only few seconds before some of us shot in the air to show it's lethal guns not Airsoft, some of them flew rest got caught up . in the end 3 guys 8 years in jail 1 10 years for organizing attempt to kill somebody ( he said on social media he's going to kill me ) and rest house arrest or was under watch from police, so guys even if you know you will win easily with someone, just check your surroundings first, and most important don't bring a knife to a gunfight ;p

  6. selfpolicing says:

    Very good video! Who is your friend? Is he a doorman or an old streetfighter? He have very good advice! Please do a video with his 5 best advice and with his 5 best techniques for a fight on the streets. Thanks for the video!

  7. hal us says:

    I always tell EVERYONE, always!, to stay the frack away from me, that's the closest anyone will ever get to me, six feet away at least. there's no need to come close to each other, there's no need to meet each other, so stay away! best self defence in the streets, always walk away from others, keep a distance, it's a life saver.

  8. ciel etoiletg says:

    A man even bigger than your  friend  who have no martial arts or combats sports experience i will knock him out  and i am just a brown belt karate shotokan  , 1m80 and 75 kg so if you train enough you will be able to beat people that are really larger than you because most of the time this guys  get confident in front of smaller people  and  will not listen to you and will just try to knock you out our slam you(sorry for the english).

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