Reality of Knife Attacks

28 thoughts on “Reality of Knife Attacks

  1. SpecOpsDoctor says:

    Im a Karate 1 Dan and i have over 12 years of military experience and 8 of those have been in hot areas. About 2 years back while is was on a patrol in irac i got rushed by a man who stabbed me 3 or 4  times in less than 2 seconds before my teammate could tackle him.I was saved by my ballistic plates on my vest, without that, i would probably be dead and wouldnt even know how it happened.My experience counted for nothing, i couldnt even react during the attack and im 6.3ft tall and 210 pounds.Metatron is right, martial arts teach a lot of BS when it comes to self defense. Ever since that day i always carry my trusty concealed glock.

  2. AnimeViewer says:

    solution: wear riveted chain mail (some people actually do this in places where knife attacks are common) wears 5KG at the most (10 LBS) so its not heavy when you get used to it, bottom line is special vests for stab attacks are just as expensive but fucking crap, wear chain mail under your clothes? asshole starts stabbing you in the torso? this knife will be bent and dull as fuck and useless after 4 shanks without even really hurting you (chain armor is REALLY good unlike what games make you believe, even a knight with a lance charging on a horse as a hard time piercing it) so a shitty knife isnt gonne do shit

  3. trevorcarterva says:

    There are certain actions you can take to minimize the chances of getting stabbed. You can slip your shoe off and use it to deflect the knife. This all depends on how much time you have to react. It's very simple actually. You step on the heel of the shoe you want to remove and lift your other leg up. The shoe will become loosened enough that you can reach down halfway (leg raised halfway) and remove it. Slide it on your hand. You could also use pocket change (if you have it of course) and throw it in their face. The best advice though is to run if you can.

  4. MMAGUY13 says:

    i got a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu I wouldn't last 30 seconds against a knife I think its unrealistic to defend a knife attack empty handed. i WOULD RUN TRY TO GET A COP A WEAPON WOULDN'T TRY TO DEFEND IT.

  5. Madara Uchiha says:

    You are the first person i see that really knows how to act in such situations! Unlike these "self defense" Youtubers that recommend untrained people to disarm the attacker. Great Stuff

  6. JESSE D says:

    That knife hits an artery, especially in the neck you'll leak like a hose. Another thing to keep in mind for someone attacking: you hit them as many times as possible and quickly as possible because even with multiple fatal wounds the opponent can still get you for a while before he drops.

  7. Patrik mäki says:

    just out of curiosity. have you practised with richard dimitri? just wondered because this seems pretty much identical to senshido. do you happen organize seminars/camps? i'd love to try this scenario based training. are there any possibilities to try this out in finland?


    if u got stabb in the neck or face eyes u feel right, away bro but good video mennn neck n faces parts thats what u need to cover and avoid getting hit ir any parts of the head

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