20 thoughts on “Reality of Gun Defense

  1. galina tokova says:

    "when someone is pointing a gun at you STAND SIDEWAYS (like a karate person stands sideways (NOT forward) to opponent)."

    "Standing sideways to your opponent (like karate person) means LESS of your body is facing gun ( which means LESS chance of getting hit by bullet)"

  2. John Smith says:

    Any gunman who comes close enough for the victim to grab the gun only has himself to blame. Every video on this subject I have seen on Youtube talks about guns as if they were knives: only useful at point blank range. It is like some huge training scam, trying to fool people into believing they can handle a gunman, when any trained gunman will stand several metres away and demand compliance without risk to himself.

  3. _ SleepyStarryNight _ says:

    as someone not very interested in self defense, I appreciate how seriously you take this issue.
    What a lot of people in the comments probably don't realize is that this is a life or death situation. Bad advice is forgivable, but this scenario is too dire for misinformation. Someone could easily die using phony techniques, so I think it's great that you tried your best to remain truthful.

  4. Kilberto Beardface says:

    Or take off your pants and throw them on the ground. The attacker with gun will be shocked and confused you removed your pants, then he'll either run away leaving the pants on the ground because he thinks your a weirdo, or he'll proceed with going through your pants pockets looking for what he wants. Jean pockets aren't the easiest thing to go through and his guard is down.
    This is your time to strike.
    Remove the sock stuffed with batteries you keep in your underwear to impress the ladies and bash him in the head with it once.
    Problem solved.
    Now take his gun and HIS money. Put your sock mace and pants back on and go on your way.

  5. Aikido Amman says:

    للتمييز بين الاشخاص الزبائن عن اللص المسلح

    اللص شخص مجهول غير معروف يأتي باتجاه صندوق الكاش ثم حينما يصل يومئ بوضع يده في جيبه ليخرج ببطئ المسدس السلاح

    الزبون حين يدخل السوبرماركت يتجه اولا الى رفوف البضاعه ويملأ يديه بالمنتجات وحين يأتي صندوق الكاش يظهر يديه ممتلئه بالبضائع

    اللص يدخل الى السوبرماركت اولا باتجاه صندوق الكاش يعتبر 99% لص يجب ان تضع يدك على السلاح بجانبك والطلقة في بيت النار استعداد لقتله اذا لم يضعو ايديهم في الهواء

    – مندوبي الشركات الموزعين للبضاعه هؤلاء تعرفهم شخصيا لا مانع ان يأتو باتجاه صندوق الكاش اولا – اما الزبائن العاديين عندما يدخلون الى السوبرماركت يتجهون الى
    قلب السوق اولا واخيرا لاحقا الى صندوق الكاش ويدهم مليئا بالمنتجات والبضاعه

    (اذا كنت موظف غير مدرب على استعمال السلاح وغير مدرب على فهم شخصية اللص انصحك بان لا تعرض نفسك للخطر والسماح له ان يأخذ الصندوق بما فيه من اموال حياتك اولى بالسلامه من المال)

  6. Andy LV says:

    hahahha, this is the least realistic thing i ever saw, when people rob you gun point , they never put the gun forward, the gun is always away and out of reach of the victim , but still pointing at them . i guess your an okay actor tho

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