Reality Knife Defense Tactics | How To Close The Gap | Self-Defense Training Techniques

In this video I discuss the truth of training in reality knife defense tactics. I discus the advantages and disadvantages of distance and timing. I demonstrate how to …

8 thoughts on “Reality Knife Defense Tactics | How To Close The Gap | Self-Defense Training Techniques

  1. Justin Hiryu says:

    Another thing with techniques showcased here, after you grab their arm to get the weapon essentially behind you, the strike with the knee will sometimes shock the assailant enough to make them drop the knife. Still complete the technique, of course, but if you can get them to drop the knife before the your movement of disarm, then even better.

  2. Ian Sinclair says:

    Cool stuff. I always liked the idea of;
    1.) Run away. Better a live chicken then a dead fox.
    2.) De-escalate/talk them down. calm them down. Or give them what they are after.
    Your life has more value then things.
    3.) Have a bigger/better weapon then they do. Size matter sometimes. 😉 Or like you said, use objects and other things as a shield, even items of clothing if you must, to be you between them and you.
    4.) Only if you have a reason to risk dying do you do the sorts of things you were talking about with defence. Be smart and be assertive.
    At least that is how i have understood the process Anshu.
    It must be said it's pretty hard to cut through layers of clothing though, that's why in the tropics slashes work better because you have less clothing. Stabbing seems to be the most common form of attacking in these encounters.
    Your general advice is a practical approach. Thanks for sharing.

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