Realistic Sparring in Martial Arts

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21 thoughts on “Realistic Sparring in Martial Arts

  1. Chris Tuxford says:

    There is no ultimate. If you train free sparring punch to the face kick to the head, clinch knee takedown pummel plus knife you can't go too wrong. If your brain is trained for calm fighting under pressure you are in a good place. Sorry guys, it's a lifestyle choice. Once you stop you go rusty really quickly. That's it. The answer is consistently correct training to the day you die. When you stop, its over.


    Este señor solo habla mal de todas las artes marciales!
    que enseña entonces,su fundamentacion tecnica y base de donde proviene entonces!!??
    y ademas pide donaciones en dinero!!
    Eres un niño rata luchador de computadora nada mas!
    lo desafio a un duelo vida o muerte eso si. Ahi veremos si es tan bueno luchando como hablando.
    Si acepta,coordinamos dia hora lugar y testigos ,firmamos una clausula notarial y listo.

  3. JlingX Jolly says:

    u still compare in side sport circle.
    the real danger for street fight is not pressure, its element of surprise. that is mma fighter not train for. how to finish a fight fast is the only thing matter on street and that is what a real traditional kungfu guy train for
    thats why we see the real traditional martal art always talking about discipline, focus, precision and speed, rarely talk about pressure. because preseure is predictable, and one purprise can take all presure away such as throw a cell phone on ur opponent face that can totally purprise him and then follow with a stab. that will be no preseure given at all, just one stab get the job done. that is martal
    so that, traditional kungfu designed for 1 or 2 hit to finish attacking, never stay in fight too long, and u dont have to, if u can pounch on right part or to have a weapon.
    for sport is different, because the surrounding is fixed, there is no any surprises would occur during the fight, there also the rule that make sure athlete would get hurt. it basic no real martal art at all in there, all just a some skills for beating (not even killing) opponent thats all.
    in the end, imo, it shouldnt even call mma, it should call sma(sport martal art)

  4. Covertly Drugged says:

    sparring shows transeferable skills for combat, it is more than just training to fight and exposing the weakness in ones defense. It is also for using those universal skills for self defense. MMA is DISHONORABLE and it is not true martial arts it is a sport. Most martial artists will not compete in mma but almost all will spar.

  5. Liam Shipsey says:

    please stop saying MMA is good for self defence! how is MMA training going to help defended against scenarios, such as, multiple attackers, someone putting a knife against your throat or someone threatening you with a gun at the ATM… here's another scenario that's quite common over here in the UK, your out on the weekend, you go up to the bar to order but end up "accidentally" knocking someone else's point, and now the guy is pissed… You try to calm the situation down but he's not backing down, and from here he can do a number of things…. he can smash a glass/bottle over your head, he can come at you with a straight Punch or haymaker, or grab you by your shirt/neck with one or both hands, and from here he can headbutt you, punch you or knee you… He will also have mates with him, and not forgetting you might been able to walk away from it! Please do tell me how MMA training will help you to defend against this type of scenario?

  6. Daniel W says:

    This is probably your best video. I never understood why any martial art style would eliminate punching to the face which is the number one most common way somebody is going to attack you.

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