24 thoughts on “Real Weapons of War

  1. swaghauler says:

    I have to believe that allowing the police to carry weapons banned for citizen ownership creates a "Standing Army" that's being used to "police the citizenry of The US" in violation of our Constitution. We should put an Amendment in a bill that the Liberals are pushing that REQUIRES Law Enforcement to submit to ALL the restrictions that CIVILIAN GUN OWNERS in their respective state must follow. Then we would see how long it takes for states like NY or CA to repeal their laws so that LE has the "tools" it needs to keep the peace.

  2. Jeff Man says:

    PhD-level thesis defense there Billy. Forceful, factual, eloquently delivered. YOU are the 2A's weapon of war against the assault on our freedom – the prototype citizen journalist. Thanks for leading the fight and arming the troops with information. It was great seeing you in Camden 2 weeks ago. I only wish you had a larger stage to share your message.

  3. Jack Parsons says:

    Regardless of what they say, their goal is total confiscation of firearms from law abiding citizens. At that point it has nothing to do with protecting innocents, and has everything to do with installing greater tyranny….

  4. Lee Greger says:

    Billy, I agree with you. My stepson was in the Army Guard and he still calls them Assault Rifles. When I was in1979, I was told the same as you. Now all of the kids call them Assault Rifles! The public must be loosing a lot of their IQ! I try to do my part "educating" some of the public if the conversation comes around to firearms, but I feel it is a loosing battle. There are too many communist in America. Well I'm 62 so I'm almost done with life. It is up to the young Constitutional Americans like you. Thank you.

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