1. Anonymous4 says:

    Everyone should watch the whole tv show about the prison and the training they do everyday, this huge guy, Maxim Novoselov, is a beast, he carries like 150 kgs and run in the yard for training.

  2. Chris Day says:

    This is Maxim Novoselov. This video was filmed by a tv show during his second prison term. He is training (slowly on purpose as to not hurt the others) in the prison yard. Yes, this was filmed in prison, everyone but the few guards are prisoners. He would have been huge had it not been for his two prison terms. After getting out of the military he got sentenced for murder. He said it was a "mistake" and started training as a professional fighter and bodyguard, however, he got into trouble for cocaine trafficing, and was sentenced again. He is out now and fighting professionally again.

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