Real sword fighting techniques NOT SEEN in the movies



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39 thoughts on “Real sword fighting techniques NOT SEEN in the movies

  1. lansinet berete says:

    This is why KATANA as best sword. U don't hold a sword by it blade and some long swords were bendable and not sharps enough or even hard to use because of the size and weight but truly great swordsmanship, I love it.

  2. CHUFF#311 says:

    Hi people, please report the video as spam. The video owners are Akademia Szermierzy. The sun didn't gave them the credit they deserve. That's why I'm asking to please, report this video as spam.

  3. dharkbizkit says:

    i know why its not in movies. its over in 1 second and its boring to look at in a movie. even if its no realistic, what shown in the witcher series for example is way more fun to look at

  4. J Lux says:

    Very impressive, these 2 are really good it seems. I dont know what I'm really watching, but it seems they are pretty experienced. Wouldnt wanna tango with them in a sword fight lol

  5. MediumActs says:

    Sword Fighting is epic, but seeing it in real life is epic-er, but what the most epic-est is, being able to travel back into the middle ages to see the wars that have been fought.

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