Real life army knife fight

Forget Rambo with his one meter long machete, this is how its done in reality. If anyone is up for correcting gramatical/clause errors in the annotations that would be nice. Send them as a…

39 thoughts on “Real life army knife fight

  1. josh castle says:

    I kinda think its about learning to anticipate your opponent and formulating techiques to counter different situations. But if all you cool guys wanna go stand still in a real knife fight go right ahead. Make sure to post the video, maybe you can show "dancing girl" how a real man does it.

  2. Alec Garcia says:

    Or some sort of weapon when you go out somewhere. If the bad guys can carry one carry one also. We keep trying to be the good guys and take the knife away empty handed instead of playing on their same level.

  3. nintendude1994 says:

    My point is that is doesn't matter about generalizations in a real fight, only in theory can you generalize and what good does that do you. it would be pretty fool hearty for you to get in a fight with a women and assume you had the upper hand. I'll give you men have genetic tendencies to be stronger physically (statistics) but power isn't everything. In a fight there is TIMING, TECHNIQUE, power, and speed.To assume is to make an ass out of you, and me. unless you assume your at a disadvantage;)

  4. dehdeh55 says:

    Starting at 0:50 this becomes silly. A real enraged or high attacker would simply grab the woman with his free hand and stab her several times a second. None of this one blow and then dance. She had better carry and learn to shoot several times to center mass BEFORE knife attacker gets within 5 feet.

  5. anders1621 says:

    In most cases, when the enemy is very close, the blade is mounted as a bayonet, and not as a handheld weapon, so i guess knife fights is rarely seen .. However, a Gurka from the British Army has been awarded for defeating 12-15 Taliban single-handed, using a the tripod from an MG among other things. He said that he did not have his Gurka knife on him 🙂

  6. saratoga6427 says:

    OK….. that's good and all but in a real military combat situation NO ONE is that agile . because your going to be tired and wearing 40 pounds of body armor plus going knife to knife with a dude is pure fantasy.

  7. Hungry4Herb says:

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