Real Kung Fu Knife Fighting

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31 thoughts on “Real Kung Fu Knife Fighting

  1. RED CHUCKS says:

    The reality of this: Even if your techniques are good and work…you have no idea what type of people could use this info to assault others instead of protect themselves. You don't even know what type of info your giving to people which automatically makes you a bad teacher. A real teacher teaches people that they know will use the technique responsibly.

  2. Stoney savage says:

    also looks like our dad is just giving up the second you do what your supposed to do…..cant you even try?….btw your teaching people how to commit murder….not ust inure and walk off…….brilliant

  3. oktopustrainer says:

    And folks, whn you do a walk off stabbing, it's all about the smooth turn around. If you have a pair of shades, that wud be the time to throw em on. Is the attacker still in the fight? He reaching for gun w/ his good arm? You don't care, what's important is turning ur back on them as quickly as possible & walking away in slow motion as the explosion goes off behind you.

  4. Brittney Mooney says:

    I find very little practicality in his videos. The attacks and techniques are unrealistic, there is no "real" threat and an astonishing lack of intent. Yes I know this is training but if you do not train with a certain level of realism it does NO GOOD… you will not rise to the occasion, you will sink to you training…

  5. HarbingerOfDeath0 says:

    This is not a very good video…I feel you're not treating the training knife like a REAL knife(you should have that mentality and take it VERY serious, it's a life and death situation). Also, If anything you're teaching potential criminals how to move in better for the kill in a worst case scenario. But even then they probably would just resort to going in close when your guard is down and do it quick.

  6. Practical Combat Methods says:

    science of skill? more like science of how to get killed… anybody watching, please do not train like this! or even worse try these techniques in a real life confrontation. this guy is self taught and does not understand basic knife or combat safety. Jake mace, please stop doing these videos!!! your kung fu is lousy, your tai chi is too tense, your weapon work is lame and naive. Instead maybe spend your time training with a real master, at least then in 10 years you will be ready to upload some legitimate videos that wont be leading beginners astray with lies. You are giving authentic chinese martial artists a bad name, you should stop now!!!

  7. Matthew M says:

    Come on man. Did you just make this stuff up? I don't care if you teach this stuff for some sort of artsy, traditional, religous, historical purpose…
    But to sell it off as some sort of real life self defense and especially knife fighting is just irresponsible, immoral and dangerous!

  8. 1111yellowflash1111 says:

    How dare you showing people turning their backs to their opponents while there is still a fight going on?? You will kill people with this. When gping away from your opponent you still have to have your eyes on him. I think you have no clue about the real nature of a fight. Even after you slash or stab your opponent, there will still be plenty seconds left until he knows and feels that he has been wounded. And in this seconds he still is able to cause you harm!

    As always, you won't react to any critics, I've learned that from your comment sections. Rather you post your shitty links and continue to milk the naive victims money believing your shit. The blood of those people not being able to defend themselfes will be on your hands.

    Anyways, rather stick to your kung fu forms, allthough…I don't think any real kung fu master would teach his students to turn their backs on their opponents…

  9. Stephen Stokes says:

    God this a new low even for fake mace.
    There is just so much wrong here that i shoudlnt even take the time to explain how absolutely just silly this is. For starters nobody punches like that. 2nd why in Gods green earth are you gonna just turn your back away casually after you do one overly complex bullshido move that leaves your back open? do you honestly think he's gonna drop and fall like in cod once you give him a cut on the arm? if you can even pull that off on an opponent who is non compliant?

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