REAL KNIFE TAPPING – Filipino Martial Arts

AWESOME KNIFE TAPPING DRILL – Filipino Martial Arts – Kali Escrima Arnis – Having fun with some knife tapping stuff… Train more by joining us July 18 & 19 at …

18 thoughts on “REAL KNIFE TAPPING – Filipino Martial Arts

  1. PARR53 says:

    I train PTK under Guro Jason Davis of FKA of Columbus. Pekiti Tirsia approaches the drill in a similar manner. Keep up the good work. would love to train with you sometime brother.

  2. David Fye II says:

    Dude,I wish u was in or close to Indiana!
    It would be awesome to train with u & I love these type of knife drills up close!
    To prove that us martial artists can knife fight for real,up close.Unlike the choreographed stuff in Hollywood!
    We do it for real,by practicing drills first.Then on the final drill,set up lines or have the defender circled.With others running up to him at the last second to deflect the incoming knife attack.

  3. Kali Center says:

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    See you there!

  4. Kali Center says:

    I hope everyone had a great Holiday and are getting ready for a super New Year! 2016 is going to be even bigger for Kali Center! More New videos on our YouTube Channel and Online School, New DVD Downloads, More events like our Kali Center Meet Up, plus I'm launching our new Instructor Program near the Spring!

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  5. Eter Tsin says:

    knife master is wrong ,kalav shirt defence bullet or defance knife shirt is best way.any guy or people get with knife is stronger than human body ,so , run is good way ,you have steal long than knife mans weapon ,this is one way. best defence is kalav defence bullet shirt in body, leg ,arm ,this good way ,best attack still first gun shot knife man !

  6. Eter Tsin says:

    no any fact mean! realy fact is you think win or surivice, you have first use long stick or other steal force knife man, if knife man no is alone ,you must be use gun fast shot them.
    run , long steal than knife size , and you have good technique ,strong and attack knife man no can any attack , you are can win ,if knife man or them first attack you ,you will be death ,so ,you must be attack knife man first .hit down his hand knife .

    best defence is gun shot knife man , if you no any weapon ,you must be run now ! like bolt run now !

  7. Kali Center says:

    New Location for our Kali Classes in Schaumburg, IL! We'll be at the Rogue Warriors Training Compound every week for Night & Day classes Plus Monthly Special Training Sessions! We now have our Schaumburg & Edison Park, Chicago, IL locations! See our Website for Address, Map and Class Schedule:

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