Real knife disarms. Armed combat and Tactics. What works.



Disarming the knife is extremely difficult but not impossible. These are disarms as they happen in actual real time sparring sessions, no one is feeding the attack …

10 thoughts on “Real knife disarms. Armed combat and Tactics. What works.

  1. ACTdirector says:

    Thank you. Sometimes a big power slash can disable better than the most exquisite thrust :).
    Think of it as a well timed hay maker . And always if it is properly backed up by a following blocking/intercepting motion.
    The music – Blood rave from Blade.

  2. alaskajohn907 says:

    Very interesting take on knife fighting. I'm normally don't train with large swinging movements but it is good to see that it can be used effectively and properly. II'm curious as to what songs are used in this film? I am a big electronica person 🙂

  3. ACTdirector says:

    Watch the video to the end, knocking the knife out of hand works too. 10 techniques were, shown, you concentrate on 3 of them ? :). But yeah , slashing the knife hand WITH POWER works. No tapping or snapping , power cuts to ensure the damage.

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