Re-edited Spyderco Endura Wave 4 Knife Throwing Video

Sidenote: Please do not use your folder or your knife in self-defense. I made this video primarily to show how fast you can pull a spyderco out, and throw it, if you …

39 thoughts on “Re-edited Spyderco Endura Wave 4 Knife Throwing Video

  1. ap0lmc says:

    Nice deployment and no spin throw. I use a Cold Steel Talwar 5.5" blade and can wave it open and throw it under hand or over hand with no spin hitting the target 7 feet away in less than one second under handed.

  2. Ahmad Carlos says:

    Whats funny, is in my state, a knife thats spring loaded or a Balisong is illegal unless you have a ccl. But I carry an endura 4 with a zip tie in the "Spydie hole" and I can get the same affect and its totally legal. smh. Stupid carry laws. 

  3. 5.56x45 SS109 says:

    @matthias66 Cold steel tests the limit of the knife's lock folding inward. When slashing/ cutting, pressure is going outward. Yes, the tri-ad is a strong lock. However, just give other companies the benefit of the doubt. To assume that a knife can break while slashing is ridiculous. No decent knife over $5 will break when slashing. Including slipjoints. It is nice to see the cold steel tests, but if you need edc to hold up to 600 pounds, and need to slash someone, it's time to get a new job.

  4. wingzero7X says:

    I prefer Cold Steel Personally. But awesome vid, it proves a point I've made for a while. Plus, for that throw that didn't stick, thats when you pull out you second and third knife and tackle that basturd.

  5. matthias66 says:

    My biggest question concerning Spyderco knives is "How strong is the locking mechanism?"

    There is no denying that the Endura is a great EDC knife, and has excellent blade steel (VG-10), and a good blade length (3 3/4" long)

    However, if this knife was used in a tactical situation in a cutting/slashing manner, how strong would the lock be on impact? Would it be strong enough, or would it break? Cold Steel knows the strength of their locking mechanisms, I wonder if Spyderco does :/

  6. matthias66 says:

    @Ether165 I owned a Cold Steel Spartan once. It is an awesome looking knife, with the Greek Kopis style AUS-8 blade. The Tri-Ad lock makes it extremely strong and it won't break under pressure. It can withstand 300 lbs of weight.

    Since you said you planned to use it for camping and emergency tactical use, I could say it would do well in that area. However, if we were talking EDC in suburban/urban areas, I would consider the Spartan unnecessary. But for camping, sure, it would serve you well.

  7. matthias66 says:

    @Ether165 Personally, I'd suggest knives that can serve both as utility knives and tactical knives. The Cold Steel Spartan, Rajah, AK-47, and Espada are strictly tactical, not to mention big and take up a lot of space in the pocket. You can't justify them as being for utility purposes.

    I'd suggest the S.O.G Trident or Cold Steel Voyager Large Clip Point. A CS Large Clip Point Voyager is $40 + s/h from SMKW. S.O.G Trident, you're looking at roughly $60-$80. Endura is good too, just expensive.

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