Raw Footage: SHOCK KNIFE FIGHT with Tim Kennedy and GN!



Tim Kennedy is a Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper, US Army Ranger and was a legitimate title contender in the UFC’s middleweight division. GN makes …

17 thoughts on “Raw Footage: SHOCK KNIFE FIGHT with Tim Kennedy and GN!

  1. Cap America says:

    Give it up, rubio. You were and always be a douchebag who firmly believes that everybody who can afford it is entitled to the martial arts. You, idiot, can’t even fight. A disgrace to all the pinoys out there.

  2. Mick Dees says:

    If I may..for those of your dissatisfied with your mcdojos and or have doubts about your training …look silat harimau Berantai with Jak othman..it will change your life…and you will see the mistakes GN did right away even before the bull charges.

  3. Gnemine Rift says:

    Fighting an undrawn knife versus a drawn knife are two different things. Distance, timing, intent, goal, and variables will factor in to your chances of living or dying.

    Would love to see a drawn knife version for contrast.

  4. bc5766 says:

    Proof of why mcdojolife “knife defense” dosnt work. Tim is highly trained and that looked nothing like a video of a sensei and his feeder. Its true combat. Two committed adults fighting over a weapon. Im a Corrections Officer and long ago resigned myself to the fact that if somebody wants to stick me, its gonna be a bloody dumpster fire to the end. No amount of training will make it look like a steven segal movie.

  5. Jeff Lardizabal says:

    :-). Would like to see that redone with either Doug Mercaida, or a thousand other Filipino edged weapons specialists… Good fun, all the same though. Glad no one's head, elbows, etc. weren't busted on the concrete and, alas, … Ok, back to Calvinism and defeating that, a much more shocking enterprise to grapple with and dismantle. God help us.

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