RAW Combat Melbourne Close Quarter Combat

Footage from the recent World Fighting For Lives Weekend featuring basic close quarter combat methods. Adam Martin teaches Self-Protection, Close Quarter …

13 thoughts on “RAW Combat Melbourne Close Quarter Combat

  1. HappyChappy says:

    The only problem I see with this is that you can't practice this in full contact sparring. It may very well be effective, but you will never know how smoothly and effectively you can execute this unless you are actually using it in actual fighting and or full contact sparring. 

  2. MechPhantom says:

    @admartyr but i notice some of his techniqeus arnt very practical (no offnese) urs seems more legit and stuff ahha. Btw what style of fighting does he do if he can fight? and does he punch and kick fast? ty

  3. admartyr says:

    @MechPhantom yeah man he's good. Very solid foundation. Fast reactions and solid hand and leg work. He's a very gifted martial artist who understands the difference between form and function. Master Qin actually wanted to enlist in the Chinese Special Forces but couldn't get in because of the minimum height requirement. Nonetheless he now trains all of the monks that tour in the Shaolin stage shows. But yeah the boy can fight – for sure…

  4. admartyr says:

    @Dharma73 Yeah we are beginning to develop a strong presence in the states. Currently there are instructors in Baltimore, North Carolina, California, and Louisiana. If you can get a big enough group together you could get Luke or myself to come over and run a seminar… Food for thought – stay safe brother. Subscribe and stay tuned for more videos…

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