Rapier and Dagger vs Katana and Wakizashi sparring. Tom vs Nick

Testing two dual wield combinations against one another! The rapier was very commonly used with an offhand dagger, and here the katana is wielded in the …

28 thoughts on “Rapier and Dagger vs Katana and Wakizashi sparring. Tom vs Nick

  1. Seth72 says:

    The rapiers reach advantage insane over the katanas of corse the rapier is going to win most of the matches also his parrying is really cool to watch

  2. studiointerface says:

    Doesn't it make more sense for the one with the shorter blade to be more aggressive in closing in the distance? Instead of constantly waiting that longer tip to reach him first as if he's just testing his reflexes.

  3. Infinite Ronin says:

    This is the kind of thing I'm interested in learning with the katana, though I wish to see what it might be like to use two ko katana at the same time instead of the daito+wakizashi. While strictly theory at this point, I'm hoping the reduction of lengths of both swords in relation to the daito but being greater than the wakizashi, but not so much that the blades weigh you down, might improve the original concept of the dual katana sword use.

  4. 有井一満 says:

    U do not usually move both swords for attack or defense at once but rather defend with the shorts sword and attack with long sword and it is not usually advisable to stay in the cross parry stance for entire of the spar. As there are many different stances for dual wielding in Japanese sword fighting.

  5. James Chitty says:

    who is tom? his blade is on the floor half the time, and it makes me cringe XD
    what's interesting is the defensive technique that nick is using, which is really fun to watch with the japanese blades

  6. John Smith says:

    He fight with a Rapier Battlesword, and Katana is for Streetfight ( Duell ) and Wakisashi for small rooms, No Dachi and Rapier have not so big advantage.

    He fight with 2 Swords Myamoto Musashi Style and forgot Myamotos teaching. Wrong choose. Next time pls take a paddle and you win.

  7. J3SS3 H says:

    For dueling purposes I'd rather use the rapier. It's longer, lighter, and more flexible. Scoring hits would naturally be easier for a novice with it.

    However, if I were to go into battle against armored opponents, I'd rather use the katana. That way I could at least have a decent chance at chopping some heads or limbs off with it.

  8. Tyrone Kim says:

    Thanks for the video. During my younger years when I was training in Kendo, I never had the oportunity to spar against a rapier but I did spar against naginata. Initiating attacks against naginata was a challenge due to the distance that I needed to reach, and came to a conclusion that a less trained (time wise) person in naginata can defeat a more trained (time wise) person. A guy with a longer weapon has the reach and attack advantage in open space as you mentioned in your video. Even though I trained in Kendo, I would give a slight edge to rapier (assume both have commensurate training) in an open space duel based on the videos that I've seem. It's undeniable – reach has the advantage. This looks like lots of fun.

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