Ranger Roll

This is a crawl- walk- run instruction for the rapid tactical lift of an unconscious or semi conscious casualty who is non-ambulatory (can’t walk) into a fireman’s …

48 thoughts on “Ranger Roll

  1. cassidy o'hara says:

    Ahh only speaking truth. Be a fancy roller if you want but communication and lifting is key including tight right turnakits. And lots of morphine for proper communication, may see a unicorn run by but still, getting proper help and blood flow slows down when the heart does makes it easier to work but communicating is key

  2. GunnySGT1911 says:

    I've seen this done before, but it was quick. Thank you for breaking it down and demonstrating it in a way we can see how it was done and learn the technique. I can attest that trying to dead lift an unconscious person into any sort of carry position is difficult at the best of times.

  3. Eldain ss says:

    "Don't try this at home!!!"
    If you do not want people to try this… then why make a video about it??. (yes, i can see pros and cons as why, but still).
    Besides, you are making everything pretty clear when you show it in "slowmotion", and good explanations.
    Also, you told them to move because you are filming and do not want to do it over and over and over.

    And also, if you ever say "do NOT try this". then people will absolutely try it.

  4. TylerGrey21 says:

    super helpful technique that I actually learned from some firefighters and marines during my time as a boy scout. Never had to use this technique but knowing that if for any reason, you need to get your buddy up and on your back, having this knowledge in your squad or team can make you unstoppable with training and discipline.

  5. James Fischer says:

    I'll be honest this does not look remotely viable. What about the gun on yourself and the gun on him? What about both your backpacks? What about all the other stuff on you that you have to carry? Doing this slowly might work but the way he did it on the first guy seems like bullshit.

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