Random Knife Attacks Caught on Video

37 thoughts on “Random Knife Attacks Caught on Video

  1. KAG says:

    i love it when we had 1 Turkish guy shooting people and everyone blame refugees and Muslims
    and now when a white non-muslims do the exact same thing = he's psychotic
    funny how strongly media brainwashed people

  2. TheManfromNibiru says:

    I hate to say this but people in Cities are basically leftist , pacifist who are dependent on police because there all against defense and so there just sheeple to be robed , violated, targeted , I saw this crazy with knife in his hand immediately jump back get distance amnd if he chases you well , we are on this liberal controlled media so I can not tell you to  draw and fire , that would hurt the pacifist goody to shoe feelings censoring this .

  3. Roberta Gallant says:

    The death penalty should now return to England because too many people murder innocent citizens for no apparently reason. They also attack innocent people with knives on the streets.

  4. bobbluntman says:

    this is why you must have mental health and background checks for knife sales!
    smh canada you need to step up your authoritarianism…
    both of those statements are jokes for anyone too ignorant to understand lol.

  5. nazgul wraith says:

    this channel wants everyone to be a commando …. reviewing videos and describing what should have been done, is a lot different than facing something in real and you only have few seconds to analyze and respond …

  6. ARIES9327 says:

    you see a knife run do not engage just distance 9 out of 10 you will be injured . the shit in Toronto is that it is too clean no stones or sticks around and this is really really weird in Canada

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