Randall Model 1 – 7" fighting knife



I do a review of the Randall model 1 – 7″ combat knife. Yes, I carried this fine weapon on some missions here in Afghanistan.

28 thoughts on “Randall Model 1 – 7" fighting knife

  1. Randall Williams says:

    Five year wait is retarded! For a company that has more than 20 builders working in knives! Back on the 80's and early 90's it did not take that long. Buy a blackjack. There builders ain't as lazy

  2. notmyreal name says:

    Nice review man. Just to let you know, you could have got a brass butt cap on your knife if you paid slightly extra. I think only $35 cost. Also, since you are planning to use it in the field, it would probably be a good idea to get the black or green micarta handle and stainless steel blade options for anti-corrosion and durability over time. Again… it doesn't add much extra cost. Thank you for your service.

  3. carl krebs says:

    the sheath can be modified to work with your molle gear with clips,  the same as a serpa 2 holster on the chest rig , for your pistol and as well an rjm tomahawk too….adapt it…use it….we got faith in ya buddy….go kill some damn hadjis ! so the damn politicians don't bring the bastards over here !

  4. Cougar 6 says:

    Nice review!  The Model 1 is a great knife.  After hearing about them from a soldier who carried one in Vietnam, I quickly ordered one from Randall.  Like you, I was active duty at the time so it arrived in a couple of weeks ($125 in 1983).  I carried my Randall on my pistol belt (1980s vintage web gear), right behind my holster (right hand) for my entire career.  When in garrison, I carried it in the small of my back, under my BDU's, in a homemade holster.  Today, it rests on the credenza behind my desk, in my home office.  Oh, also bought a Guardian a few years after the Model 1.  Nice backup/boot knife.  Again, thanks for a good review!

  5. michaelinsanantone says:

    you can order a Spec-Ops Large sheath. Has a roomy front pocket , is jump rated with extra tie downs, and fully MOLLE compatible. I just got a Randall 1-7.. When I was in the Army all I had was a Buck 110 and a issue Gerber MT. Drive on! Enjoyed the review!

  6. Sixgun Symphony says:

    This was the standard Model 1-7, the "7" is for seven inch blade and yes it's the same was what was most common Randall knife for WWII. An 8" blade would make it a custom feature and there will be a five year wait. I got mine in under 3 weeks because it was standard military model fighting knife and I was deployed.

  7. Bennett Patten says:

    Beautiful knife. You are going to be upset when you loose it or the blade snaps opening an ammo crate (happens even with the Randalls). The standard Ontario Marine Corp Fighting knife costs about $38.00. It is totally black. It has a good piece of carbon steel for the blade. You can't snap the blade. If you loose it you are out $38.00. If you absolutely must loan your knife (sometimes you absolutely must) You won't panic if it is lost. Beautiful knife but they do get damaged and lost.

  8. Mel Fiscus says:

    Randall knives are very nice but Id rather have a John Ek knife . Randalls are over priced and to wait 4 years is rediculous . They can make more to meet demand AND maintain quality but by trickeling them in to the market it makes them more collectable and keeps the price high . I much prefer a John Ek knife than a Randall . Yep would love to have one..Then Id sell it and get a couple of Eks . Id be scared to use a Randall for fear of destroying the value or losing it .

  9. Sal Paradise says:

    I have a stag-handled version and specified a brass butt-cap. I'm sure of you sent it back to them (on your next leave), Randall would replace the cap for you with a brass one.

  10. Liberty1982 says:

    Great Video, Awesome knife & thank you for your service. I couldn't serve bc of my medical history even though I know I could cut it. Anyways thanks brother.

  11. Simone de Haan says:

    @Sixguns4fighting thats not full tang 'as we know it'…. full tang is the width of the blade all through the handle. The 1-7 is for light cutting and stabbing, not for heavy duty f.i. prying etc…Full tang is heavy though and often uncomfortable. And cold in the hand in freezing weather. The dutch commando knife (Special Operations Knife, made by Hill knives) is semi full tang, with a wrap around grip and far more comfortable due to lighter weight. Therefore faster and more agile in the hand.

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