Ralph Thorn – The Ultimate Knife Throwing (Preview)

The motto of Ralph Thorn’s school of combat knife throwing is “Any knife, any angle, any position; no games, no gimmicks, no limits.” In this groundbreaking …

25 thoughts on “Ralph Thorn – The Ultimate Knife Throwing (Preview)

  1. The Bladed Broad says:

    Fantastic throwing. I was told my throwing techniques are a lot like yours and after watching this I can understand the comparison. I love the style and technique and speed. Awesome!

  2. LusciousDuchess says:

    so far this shit has not been easy, less talking more demonstration. Would love to learn your technique but I don't think I can sit through another video, it should be entitled talking talking talking about ralph thorn knife throwing technique

  3. Joseph Garduque says:

    Thank you for sharing your style and some of your techniques….I am just a beginner in this art, and I totally like your style of no spin knife throwing. It's fun, it shoots like a bullet and has stuck in the target more times than the Spin technique….I felt I had better control of how, and where I wanted it to stick….

  4. Super Freak says:

    @BloodyBlackRose1 The saying "Any knife, any distance, any angle, any position" is nothing more then a catch phrase you fool… A simplistic saying that tells a person they are not limited to the type of knife, or specific spot where to stand, up high or down low, sitting laying, not even looking. (as long as its not your imaginary 80Lb knife)

  5. Super Freak says:

    @BloodyBlackRose1 Oh and another thing. About the 80Lb knife that doesnt exist. Saying what if i wanted to, is pretty much along the same thought process of believing something that can't be proven due to lack of evidence. Does that sound familiar? By the looks of you in your videos, you COULDN'T be so STUPID as to believe in God could you?!?!?!? "I don't have time to keep coming back to this useless video just to kick your ass."

  6. Super Freak says:

    @BloodyBlackRose1 It would be in you best interest to remove yourself from this debate. You're digging yourself quite a hole buddy. Its better to keep your mouth shut, and to be thought a fool, then to open it, and remove all doubt. The only reason you're even here is because you're trying to disprove something you don't believe in, and you've never even tried it. What compelled you to claim that there exists a knife that big, is beyond me. Maybe its that under developed brain of yours.

  7. Super Freak says:

    @BloodyBlackRose1 and i said the bit about the tank because the only practical thing that exists that fits your description of "80lb projectile, 32 degrees, and aimed at NY" is in fact…. a Tank!

  8. Super Freak says:

    @BloodyBlackRose1 Ok dude, I'll put it in lamens terms for you. You're purposely trying to find excuses of why you think combat knife throwing is worthless. Which is childish on your part since you probably have never had any experience throwing knives other then what you find in the kitchen… Any knife doesnt mean you can throw a chunk of steel that weighs a ton, why did you even bring up that stupid topic? There's no knife that big, thats a mere childish "What if" scenario. No magic here kid.

  9. Super Freak says:

    @BloodyBlackRose1 Hmm… sounds impractical. Tell ya what, upload a vid of you personally firing a shell from a tank and destroy your target. But your method only sounds useful to start a war. Granted of course if you have a gun at hand, use it before using a knife for self defense. Ralph Thorn specifically said this in the full video. Do you even have a gun anyways? You're just trolling at this point. Do your research before spamming up the comments with uneducated words.

  10. Razorkee says:

    @iWannaMove2NewZealan dude people like you are so sad.. all you ever do is look up cool vids and then hate comment em… id like to see you do better

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