Quick Edge Tests- Japanese Knife Imports



In this video we show a couple of ways to test your edge after sharpening using your thumbnail. These tests are geared mostly towards kitchen knives, but may …

12 thoughts on “Quick Edge Tests- Japanese Knife Imports

  1. Harold Bridges says:

    This is a really valuable video. The tip of testing the toothiness on the thumbnail alone is worth the price of admission. I haven't seen this tip on any of the many other sharpening videos on youtube. Until I saw this I couldn't understand why my knife could shave my arm, but would slide across a ripe tomato without penetrating. So, now I strop on the 3000 grit stone and quit there with excellent results on all veggies.

  2. Japanese Knife Imports says:

    totally got where you were coming from in the first posts. It all makes sense… i just wanted to point out the things i mentioned more for other people reading the comments than for you. Hope i didnt come across as too rude.

  3. Japanese Knife Imports says:

    i understand where you are going with this, however, there are a few limitations of your tests. For example, i can make a very coarse edge and pass your second test by sharpening at a more acute angle (as it really just measures sharpening angles), and likewise, i can make a crazy sharp 30k+ grit edge and pass your first test, but it wont be the best edge for food despite being great for cutting paper and/or shaving. The two tests here are geared towards knives for cutting food.

  4. creditingkarma says:

    I touch it up about every 2 shifts in the restaurant I think that I may have had angle to high on the micro bevel I just lowered it to about 30 I also just took off the factory edge any tips on the sharpening I just steped up to the suisin from my old globals

  5. creditingkarma says:

    Just got the suisin inox honyaki wa gyuto. It is a great knife but I find that to keep it sharp enough to slice paper I need to touch up the micro bevel on my 8000 grit finishing stone is this normal with this knife

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