23 thoughts on “Quick-Draw Knife-Throws

  1. Jayden Holzshu says:

    You may ask " what lesson do we get out of this" and there are 3

    (1 "don't fuck with this guy,")
    (2 if you fuck with this guy you will "NOT" get away)



  2. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    Jeremy Leung I don't believe they are illegal. Second you don't need a "throwing" knife any sturdy fixed blade can be thrown. Try to find one with a simple handle that is balanced in the middle. Old butcher knives work great

  3. Egg Noodles says:

    Hi!!! You deserve way more recognition, your videos inspire me but sadly in Australia throwing knives are illegal :/ … But I imagine being like you. Keep up the good work buddy 🙂

  4. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    sorry i didnt reply to your comment earlier. No i dont throw at specific distances i throw instinctively by judging the distance i am throwing from or if that cant be done use techniques to either slow or speed up the rotation.( i usually throw no spin so i dont have to worry about the rotation) As far as power goes it doesnt effect the rotation when you throw with power you subconsciously grip the knife harder. gripping th eknif eharder slows the spin down.

  5. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    Concerning distances. I only throw from set distances when I am trying to be pinpoint accurate like my vid knife throwing at breakfast or for 2 or 3 rotations. But with no-spin I never you set distances. As far as the power the key to being able to throw hard is a loose grip you can throw from your normal distance just as hard as long as your grip is still loose.

  6. ELITEHAMSTER123 says:

    WOAH, IMPRESSIVE. At first I though it was a no-spin so I was meh ;/ then I realized you were using the other method. Do you throw at specific distances? and how do you guage the power of your throw? VERY well done. I can only no spin T.T (and slower than you at that)

  7. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    For no-spin I'd probably say Bo Mcnees Twisters for an overall versatile knife I would say maybe a pro or perfect balance thrower from Cold Steel. Bo McNees makes great inexpensive handmade throwers. Just type in custom handmade throwing knives on ebay. They are easy to find.

  8. travis says:

    thanks for the advise ive ordered 3 pro balance and 3 perfect balance and some cool looking gil hibbens that i thought look nice. i also got a couple tomahawks ( m48, spike hawk, and a couple of sog hawks). i looked at the shur knife and i like it but it wont be in this order. i gotta get my money back up a little then i plan on getting the shur knife and hopefully a set of joe darrahs, i really like pats(thawkmoonhawk) they seem like good throwers. again thanx for the advise. love the channel

  9. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    @travis19872005 Most of your comercial throwers are evenly balanced. For no-spin it is best to learn with a knife that is at minimum 11' or so inches preferably longer and that is handle-heavy. What I would recomend is a Cold Steel Pro balance and wrapping the handle with either tape or paracord. If you want to spend some money you could buy Ralph Thorns Shur-knife from flying steel. As far as tomahawks my fav is a CS spike-hawk. Hope this was helpful.

  10. travis says:

    i dont currently throw no spin all i do is spin but i really love a challenge so ive been studying your vids on no spin but as far as the knives go i would like a few for spin and a few for no spin and im also looking at some tomahawks im pretty good with any of them but would also like an opinion on those to if you care to share

  11. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    @travis19872005 Yeah, I might be able to do that. As far on which throwers would work best for you I have a question. Do you throw no-spin? Throwing no-spin or at least having the option changes anything. Thanks for commenting.

  12. travis says:

    i have a video request if its not to much to ask. could you do a video on some of your favorite throwers because im going to make a big order from cold steel and id really like to get an idea of some good throwers.

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