6 thoughts on “qqaa66’s Pinch-Blade Throw

  1. Knife Throwing says:

    Wait. I just thought of something! I figured it out from watching qqaa66's video. His blades look like they're gliding down. Any spear throwing vids I've watched, the knives are gliding downward. You'll notice that in my latest videos. I also make chest level hits the same way.

  2. Knife Throwing says:

    Ok. I don't know why I never found this video. That was interesting. So pinch grip is different than pushing the back of the handle. If it's done with pushing the back, you gotta move the blade at a downward motion. That's what works for me. Because if the blade points up, usually what happens is it flips.

  3. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    @HouzanSuzuki Thank you for commenting on my video. I appreciate what you have done for the martial art/sport of weapons throwing. Please feel free to critique my techniques. I have just recently picked up shuriken throwing, and have uploaded some videos of my practice. Again thanks and have a nice day.

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