Push Knife For EDC?

Don’t Forget to Rate, Comment, Favorite, and Subscribe!!** The push knife or dagger is a great option for EDC if you are looking for a knife primarily for defense.

30 thoughts on “Push Knife For EDC?

  1. jebaki says:

    It depends on the law of where you live. I live in Poland and can carry this anywere anytime unless the place bans "dangerous objects". If i use it in selfdefence there is no difference betwen that and a skinning knife for example. Its just a "dangerous object". A knife like any other. The police also say nothing about it. I just have to warn them during a rutine check that i have it on me. After thet they dont care.

  2. oldannyboy37 says:

    I'm trying to get local law enforcement to give me the legal specs on carrying one of these once I get my CCL. Our knife laws are insanely stupid and mostly unclear. I'm hoping I can carry a Cold Steel Safe Keeper with a Tek-Lok on me as a "get off me" knife.
    Thanks for the video.

  3. Andrew pollack says:

    Have you seen the cs urban pal? 1.5in serated blade. I carry it as a edc knife for braking down boxes and anything else, but it is just big enough for self defense…

  4. 2SavedByChrist says:

    Have you ever felt like people are more "scared" or whatever of push knives than like a regular small fixed blade? I don't want people uncomfortable around me, but I like the idea of push knives.

  5. Super94BIGFOOT says:

    I was thinking about getting the Safe Maker 1 for boot carry in the laces of my boots for my security job mainly as a back up for an im getting jumped type occasion. Do you think the cold steel push dagger series of knives would be good?

  6. Kylef7735 says:

    @JohnReviewer112 You could have it double ground but not have the final edge beveled on it, so it would look the same but be dull on one side and sharp on the other.

    It would look better and probably penetrate better than the single edge too

  7. JohnReviewer112 says:

    I was going to get a custom one made until i found out its illegal to have a double edged knife in my state in australia and if the grind is on one side and have 1 edge it doesnt look nice.

  8. DocTacDad says:

    @HawkLMT I agree, versatility is lacking a bit. They are more of a specialty blade (mainly a fighting knife or defensive knife). Thanks for watching my friend.

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