Boaz Aviram is one of the only Krav Maga experts who were there at the very beginning, and holds the secrets of this most effective Hand-to-Hand fighting …


  1. TopExpert10 says:

    The Human Weapon for Self Defense:
    The Human Body has a brain two arms two legs torso and pelvis. It has many pressure points that are vulnerable. To protect them, you need to see the whole picture: In a short course you learn what these pressure points are, and devise a top down designed moving system of self defense!
    What is the human weapon then?
    It is learning how to reach and manipulate the opponent's pressure points to stop him from attempting to manipulate your own!
    What is the method of doing it?
    Since the human body has Mass and is able to generate motion and delicate articulation of the bones, we use the forces of impact and leverage in prioritized way. That prioritization process makes it easy to master the myriad of possibilities and come up with a consolidated plan of training to control your safety! One important factor of generating impact and leverage is also considering gravity maintaining balance allowing to shift all the weight to a desired direction to be use for maximum impact or leverage…
    Being ahead of the danger is critical and it gives you the option to intercept harm! A crucial element is the activity of the brain. The reaction time, is the invisible element of initiation of any motion. The body decides and the body execute. That split second decision time must be considered in the training system formula to calculate the possibilities and feasibility of any form of attack and its relative interception methods. When an attacker is planning to surprise you can't read his mind. But what you must do is give yourself sufficient distance from potential threat to compensate for your own delayed reaction to a possible planned attack! The training process must be safe but yet accurate to mimic the realistic dangers. This is Pure Krav Maga!

  2. TopExpert10 says:

    What is the rationale of getting certified in Krav Maga so quickly…/Boaz Aviram

    Aside from needs to make the system available for self defense for the public finding the best available missionaries and copy cat operators there is a logic to it. In fact if you compare it to all the other martial arts, Pure Krav Maga does teach what they do in a way but a lot quicker. How is that so?

    Well there is the environment – intensive weeks of training vs. weekly hourly sessions
    The training hours are about the same but the intensity allows one warm up hour per day which is 15 percent of the curriculum vs. 30 percent with weekly hour.

    Other fitness of bait and switch techniques can increase the total non self defense material up to 50 percent and at time ironically it can be said that it is all fitness scheme. After all one error could cost your life.

    Bait and switch why? Some customers come to training as an escape and they want to develop and get complements for their ego more than they want to learn self defense. Some are only looking for the military boot camp style fitness because they feel lazy. But the major fault is a perpetuation of instructors that due to relaxed environment never got to hone their own self defense skills.

    On a final note, any training time that is not necessary completely necessary for warm up and is not dealing in programming your mind and body how to reach your opponent's pressure points before he reaches yours, is irrelevant time lost!

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