Punch FASTER WITHOUT Telegraphing your Movement ● 1 SIMPLE DRILL to Mask Your Strike

How to Punch So it Can’t be Easily Seen! How not to telegraph your strikes in self defence by hitting from where your hands are is a very simple concept.

17 thoughts on “Punch FASTER WITHOUT Telegraphing your Movement ● 1 SIMPLE DRILL to Mask Your Strike

  1. Joshua Thompson says:

    1:30 and on the dude does block before the hit… He just doesn't pivot his body to block effectively. This is a dumb parlor trick and a principle you can't even apply correctly and you are literally not using any power. You are too close for him to block anyway, and the idea is to attack vertically so he can't see your arm moving and put your body into it right before impact. How you don't know this and make a video on it is beyond me. You have no idea what you're doing, what you're talking about and this video proves it.

    AIso if you are this close already you should have already shoved the guy back if he got in your face. If not knee him in the balls, or neck throw him, this isn't going to help.

  2. Lets Talk Boxing says:

    Watch Mike Tyson vs Julius francis. I remember tyson knocking him down with a jab standing in a stationary position with not much room. You can see him generating the power from and rotating the hip. No telegraphing. Similar to this. Great vid

  3. José Torres Marín says:

    Sadly there's no point to any of this in London anymore since any council house teenager who wants your phone will just throw acid at your face. Today's self defense: carry a 2l bottle of water in your bag.

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