Protect Your Gun! Fighting Techniques



When you Open Carry you have to subscribe to a new set rules, I talked about it here and the video will lead off with that short …

38 thoughts on “Protect Your Gun! Fighting Techniques

  1. Raymond Jenkins says:

    Don't let this guy get you killed. That shht will not work in real time. You want to open carry because you want to be a badass. If a person wants you, they'll get you and your firearm won't help you. All that wild wild west shht is out the window.

  2. Jeff Stone says:

    One of the reasons I like a snub nose revolver is it is difficult for someone to twist out of your hand. Also revolvers can’t be taken out of battery like a semi auto. If you open carry you are no longer at the “gray man”.

  3. Erik Gutierrez says:

    Open carry = giving guns to thugs who ain't got a gun … gray man ccw 100% ! Open carry is for people who never seen action in their younger days and they watched too many john Wayne movie ..

  4. Sean Morrissey says:

    I will take my advice from an obviously good Officer in the greatest Air Force known to man. Great leaders are still made by the U.S. military and thank goodness we have them .

  5. Dreamcrusher - MKV says:

    nutnfancy, you like tradition, ever though about reviewing the Ruger no. 1? If there is one gun that I would take to the grave it would have to be no. 1, they have always stuck out to me. I guess with only one shot it you'd better make it count.

  6. Terry Harding says:

    Good luck getting my gun, i use a 9mm, in a cheap holster, that works very well I! use a Colt45 thong over the back, u wont get it out! To take it out just like a single action u thumb it off it works.

  7. Merkinmacher says:

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  8. TheWhiels says:

    First class I took after my conceal class was a class on retention, and it was such a fun class. The teacher wore pads, and you really got to fight him to keep your gun, then get a draw on him.

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