Protect Your Girlfriend from Persistent Guy Trying to Pick Her Up



LEARN HOW TO DEFEND YOUR LOVED ONES: A frequent question I am getting is, “How can I protect my girlfriend if …

39 thoughts on “Protect Your Girlfriend from Persistent Guy Trying to Pick Her Up

  1. Douglas Fox says:

    This guy has serious skills..but I also seen to much invasion of the danger zone of contact..extended arm distance at all times..One fast sucker punch to the jaw or solo plex and even the Best Drop instantly….No I'm not disrespecting this skilled fighter. I've had training also ,one on one from a European pro kickboxer…Nastiest skilled fighter I've ever met or seen in my life time..

  2. Greg Flores says:

    What was the purpose of posting this video? To let your passiveness shine through? To make yourself look like a pussy? Well dude, you did a fine job! As others have posted, if you had ANY balls about you at all, you would incapacitate the aggressor quickly, quietly and walk away, imagine what a “brutha” would do to you if you tried to take his woman, I can’t believe you actually thought this video was a good idea, unbelievable.

  3. unknown territory says:

    wtf you talking about you dont use one hand to shield her. yOu kick his ass. He has 2 free hands to lay you out at any time. How about you get a can of pepper spray so you dont have to try dance iwth him and hope to not get beat up or stabbed? One guy tried that in a you tube he got stabbed several times and went to the hospital. U don't know what their capable of. Once they get that close in a area where they can attack you have no choice you have to fight at that point. You can't wonder if hes gonna hit you r not. If you can't fight carry a weapon.

  4. Eagelson one says:

    Change the title to how to be a prey while a guy tries to touch your girl. I'll be honest if a guy tries to hurt my girl and all I do is talk and try to calm him down I won't be able to sleep at night or look at her ever again. Best believe that I'm either dying or ripping his throat out. Remember the motto "a coward dies a thousand deaths… a real man dies once "

  5. Jason Jackson says:

    Lame, lame, lame ….

    First thing after shielding the girl, you ask her to simply & calmly walk away to isolate the threat. Now you're one on one & the potential attacker's attention isn't diverted neither is yours. Now you totally control the situation.

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