Pro's Guide to: Close Combat with Firearms



Watch the video and get an in-depth breakdown of the essential moves used in the third part of the Pro’s Guide to Close Combat. Find out more: …

21 thoughts on “Pro's Guide to: Close Combat with Firearms

  1. fon jon says:

    after seeing the final disarm im not sure if i trust any of the techniques shown. The final disarm should have been a very basic maneuver but after successfully performing it about half way we see our guy pull the barrel back across his body which is the last thing you want.

  2. John Robie says:

    That was movie-fu. Very cool to watch, but extremely unrealistic. If you try these moves, you're far more likely to end up rolling around on the ground. Please do NOT try these in a real life situation.

  3. J C says:

    These are basically Aikido, Grappling and Judo moves. Incorporated Heavily into CQC, but the most effective will be the Grappling and Judo. Aikido doesn't pass the test against Resistance training. Martial Arts Journey proved that.
    The Gun Magazine Disarmament is a SICK Fucking move. I think if you know the anatomy or mechanics of a rifle well enough. Pragmatically that can be possible.
    What is Not Pragmatically possible is disarming the gun when someone has it pointed at You.
    The only way that it is Pragmatically possible is if the person is holding the gun and is about to release it from his holster to point it at you, or when the person is about to pull the gun at you. You have that Split second to react quickly before he points it at you and decides to shoot you. That's the Best way that you can Survive.
    But it's a High Risk that you can get shot when someone has their Gun pointed at You.
    Because like a Wise Man said, "All it takes is a Quick Pull from that Trigger. The Finger is Quicker than the Hand"
    The only Hope that I can think of that is if the person has the Finger off the Trigger and I why oh why in the Hell would the enemy be Dumb enough to do that. But sometimes it happens.
    Now I'm not saying it's possible, but it's Highly Improbably and it's just Gambling with your Life.
    Nevertheless Nice Tactical Video. Reminds me so much of Metal Gear Solid

  4. Matthew Caughey says:

    I typically outweigh my opponents by a significant margin and I’m going to attempt to employ that to my advantage by charging or pinning an opponent to a wall and go for the knife kill or I’m going for the nutshot to drop the opponent and then kick them in the head. The heavier weight also makes me much harder to bring down

  5. Tango Sierra says:

    CQC is an subject to expertise, can’t be learned fast, and needs a lot of training, but those techniques shown are working, and aren’t to complicated to learn… but training is vital

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