Pros & Cons of the Push Dagger! EDC Fundamentals

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8 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of the Push Dagger! EDC Fundamentals

  1. Stefan Wolf says:

    I'm a boxer and this is my go to knife for self defense (Cold Steel urban pal and mini pal) because it keeps my wrist in the exact same position as when I throw a punch. Traditional knives will require you to bend your wrist in an angle and it might affect your ability to fight. Push daggers feel completely natural.

  2. Eden Blades says:

    I am a custom knife maker and collector and I have done a lot of reserch on the subject. all push daggers are federally illegal in Australia. damn stupid australian laws. I still make them though.

  3. jeramiah mcneece says:

    US most knifes are legal unless in big cities such as new york, Chicago, los Angeles, etc. I live in Florida so carry any size any type. My personal favorite for carrying in illegal states is a screwdriver. Its only a tool.

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