Proper Reverse Grip in Knife Combat

Once again using the Heaven 6 to show how to do the reverse grip well. When you see the reverse grip in action it looks like wild chaos, but there is method to …

15 thoughts on “Proper Reverse Grip in Knife Combat

  1. Jay says:

    Thank you sir. I kinda figured having the blade facing outward in the reverse grip was a better way of going about it, so it was nice seeing someone like you affirm it

  2. billy pilgrim says:

    using a reverse grip with a wal mart folding box cutter (cutting edge outward) is DEADLY. if you doubt this, try it on a hanging bag of sand or a hanging piece of meat and see how deeply it cuts in case you would ever have to defend yourself with such an improvised weapon. it works WITH a natural punch motion we grew up with.

  3. wmpyr says:

    @bassreeves1965 I think its important to be able to utilize a variety of stances, I like to switch styles and stances to throw my opponent off 🙂

  4. wmpyr says:

    @bassreeves1965 Hi there thanx for watching and commenting! I'm not sure what your referring to when you mean traditional warrior stance, since there are so many different styles out there.

  5. wmpyr says:

    @blacksilkblacksilk thanx Silk, the Heaven 6 to me is like a template to work from. Like notes it allows a person to make music. I've seen something similar probably in every style I've encountered. Without it, it's just fast chaotic moves, I think the H6 explains the method to the madness.

  6. blacksilkblacksilk says:

    Thumbs up

    Your exploitations of heaven six seems endless, which is the best for combat. Only one motion you learn and everything built on it. Your way of basing everything on the heaven six allows the student to become REALLY proficient, and it still is never boring since so many things can be done with it.
    Also the deeper stances you mentioned would provide a better base for the wrestling phase, and in my experience whenever sparring (let alon a real fight) gets enthusiastic grappling happens

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