Prof Jak Knife Fighting Tutorial in Dallas Texas



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  1. dallastiger1 says:

    In Silat, " BUAH" are training modules taught to teach TOOLS. These elements of targeting, footwork , movement, spacial orientation , variations in striking, kicking , grappling, etc, etc are meant to be broken apart and applied with other tools from other buah as a situation demands…..essentially its about "what fits the moment". Initial buah training acknowledges that this is not necessarily how a fight will go down , nor does it presume that the buah is the answer to an attack which you will perform flawlessly and without necessary modification or omission of movement. In this training approach it is well understood that attacks are unpredictable and that the opponent will have his own follow ups and counters. Buah training , especially at the initial levels are starting points in the acquisition and development of a students base of physical skills , intellectual knowledge and fundamental tactics. Could the exact buah possibly be used in a real situation versus a real attack? Possibly, but the notion conveyed to the student is not that their response to a specific attack should be a specific buah such as Buah # 2 …or # 6…or #28…etc, etc. These are not taught as flawless perfect capsules of self defense which cannot be countered. Initial work can seem very basic and one -sided. It's sort of a "learn to stand ,then learn to walk before running " sort of thing. If you can't move around the opponent and put together a simple sequence of movement,at full speed in a pre-planned sequence , you aren't ready for exploring defense against his more realistically expected compound attacks or his counter measures , nor are you ready to deal with work against completely unpredictable orthodox and unorthodox attacks and counters. Unfortunately, some people see or train the initial buah and think "this is it?" , not realizing it is only a start point … There will be much more addition, exploration , development, experimentation and then distillation applied over time to make the training more practical in the chaos and unpredictability of combat and self defense. Through training, as more realistic combinations and resistance are introduced the information delivered and trained becomes modified as well. When initially training against a single count attack in these buah , it should be understood that it is well known to the teacher and student that there very likely will be something different coming from a real opponent, but this is where they are starting. With the difference in his attack , there will be innovative and very different responses on your part borne from all the work in various tools and exercises meant to promote unrehearsed response to what is presented by an attacker spontaneously. As always when on the outside looking in, one needs to first understand the training methodology and step -wise progression…..

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