Prison Wars: My Reaction – Get Prison Knife Fighting Skills Training Filipino Escrima Stick Fighting



Prison Wars: My Reaction – Get Prison Knife Fighting Skills Training Filipino Escrima Stick Fighting To support the channel and the mission of good content at …

30 thoughts on “Prison Wars: My Reaction – Get Prison Knife Fighting Skills Training Filipino Escrima Stick Fighting

  1. Uncle Sonali says:

    Dwight Trower taught me tkd,also estimated, he also studied/ learned kali from Dan insanto.
    YOU got a new mentee.
    I had to fight grown men to protect mines..I aint no victim and that bandit dead . Peace be upon you O.G.

  2. Tales of the Grime Knight By: Val Holiday says:

    Boxing is that exact same way. Nine three mins rounds of jump rope, 15 min run in Suana suit, sledge hammer pound 5 mins, 200 burpees, 200 squats, 50 push-ups, heavy bag, speed bag, and pads. I truly know by the time someone gets to sparring they are tired.

    As for the younger generation divide social media is why they behave this way. It use to be you take an ass whooping and only warriors witnessed it. There was respect in that. Though in my generation during the 90’s and 00’ people video taped. You got five and ten cameras on you and it gets posted online. Now your an overnight sensation of infamy.

    So imagine how mad you use to get because people was taunting you looking to get a reaction… Amplify that by a hundred because now they got people they didn’t even know laughing at them and talking mess about them. Lastly it never goes away and it remains a constant reminder. People that don’t even know them walk up saying “hey you that guy that got laid out on camera.”

    So the younger generation couldn’t handle that level of bullying. So to avoid that they jump people. Other than that they shoot people so they don’t have to lose on camera. Also factor in their age. That’s a lot of scrutiny to deal with at age 12-18 as the brain, hormones, and overall self esteem is not fully developed. The sad thing is though once they take the easy route they never grow into being anything else other than afraid even in adulthood. Therefore, they turn to drugs, numbers, or weapons for courage. That’s where the divide comes from.

  3. Tim Dixon says:

    Dude. Plz tell me you don't really carry that airsoft pistol. You could easily get shot by either the cops or someone with the real thing. Flashing a gun only makes situations worse.

  4. Faccia Brutta says:

    A wise old Paratrooper once told me, "small minds will always put you down, just to bring you down to their level." Talk is cheap, just keep doing what you do, educating these young minds. Let the small minds keep talking, its all they've got.

  5. Shaw Briggs says:

    Proud of you OG Silverback!! Dont worry about these internet "tough guys" bottom line…most people hide their bullshit meanwhile you not only wear it….you are educating people and keeping it 100! Let haters hate…where is their channel where they own their past? (oh let me guess….they dont have one)

  6. Boffa Deeez says:

    Yea I got shot… idk. … I don’t think that serving helps me. Like I hit my wife while I sleep and have nightmares and scream in my sleep. Idk I would not want my little girl to fight or learn anything. I feel like when you train in combat, it’s an invitation to violence because of the confidence and it makes you look for a reason to hurt. I don’t want to hurt. People don’t understand the commitment of serving.

  7. ilia Cooper says:

    A true beast has approached mankind's ❤ with a message of savage acts and mental plains and demonic spirit's to excuse in battle and wittness victory…. A tru warrior you are I love you thank you for the true reality of the extreme evil and danger in prison and being brave to speak upon gang member ship and rape its your time…. Thank you God bless og silverback

  8. Eddy Carpenter says:

    The fact is lol… the women you was selling crack to in the 90's gave birth to these lil disfunctional crack baby millenials thats out in the streets now. so we got the 80's crack dealer/gang banger generation to thank for that

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