Prison Style Stabbing

The answer to defending a prison style stabbing attack is probably simpler than you think.

15 thoughts on “Prison Style Stabbing

  1. Gabo Palacios says:

    Oh man, while you're triying to fight his stabbing-hand he can go for a quick change and use his other hand… If you hold his arm for that long without hitting him he'll try to stab you with his free hand. You're right about the blocking but if you don't hit him hard as soon as you stop the first atack then you're dead

  2. Steve C. says:

    Anytime I've seen people stabbed in prison it was the back or side while they were distracted and didn't see it coming. Even then, more beatings then stabbings because when it's over and the aggressor gets detained, he's better off with an assault charge rather than attempted murder charge. COs don't get targeted unless they do something really stupid. Inmate on inmate violence is the norm. Lesson to learn is keep you ass out of jail lol

  3. Paneerdog says:

    What happened to the pumping the knife/sewing machine motion he started off with? 2 on 1 doesn't stop the guy from pulling back and stabbing again, over and over. Nah, this is not going to work. No way.

  4. Vlad Donbas says:

    how would you defend, if you had to, against two or three opponents? One has the knife, and the other one or two persons try to grab and hold you form behind, as an example. Would you try to keep one of the opponents between you and the person with the knife, until you're able to escape?

  5. Free Celt says:

    he could clock you with his free hand while you double up on his arm. just because you have started your defence does not mean he becomes compliant and does usual martial art schools reactions.

  6. London Jack says:

    Excellent. This video and Ryan's '2 on 1' principle could literally save your life. I trained a Krav Maga class for 2 years which talked '360 knife defence'. Basically block to slash over and over again. Controlling or going for the knife was called an 'advanced technique' we hardly practiced. However every youtube video I've seen where the defender survives the knife attack shows Ryan's 2 on 1 and not block by block 360. Thank you for shedding light on this difficult subject

  7. T A says:

    WOW! thanks for addressing this. I have trained Escrima for a few years now, and have always had this question. When I have brought it to my instructors attention (he is a Detention Center Guard) He acknowledges its a different animal and says "we will get to that"…I developed my own strategy through thought experiments and partners willing to work it and its nice to see I was looking at the same principle as others. Two on one, get of his attack line. In my mind the "prison stabbing" is the most real world attack a person would have to defend against.

  8. du Bb says:

    this shit dont work, in heat of the moment . all this movie kung fu technique bullshit goes out the window. you have 2 choices…. and you must make 1 in split second. RUN AWAY – Or Fight back. you try reaching for that knife your going to get cut even worse stabbed. run away at all costs and if you cant you must try and get even. as in get a weapon your self so that if he attacks he also will come out with an injury and hopefully will stop in fear of his own life.

  9. Alexanderexis says:

    Sir, what about eye processing. When striking, punching, do you look at the part of the body, you are about to hit? When defending, you are looking at part of body which is about to hit you and you block it? Where to look during fighting?

  10. boost331 says:

    Let me start by saying that for the last 10 months i have been going through the process to become a correctional officer. i have passed all physical, mental, and investigative processes and currently just await the call to start training academy. stabbing is the number 1 worry for a CO. i watch a lot of your defensive/counter attack videos. i feel it is great stuff to know given my potential career. i am a pretty big scrappy guy but videos like this i think will give me an edge over the scumbags if and when the time comes…..
    did i mention the facility i will be working is the 2nd largest in the country right in the heart of Chiraq….i mean Chicago.
    i need all the help i can get. GREAT VIDEO. keep em coming

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