Primary Weapon Fantasies

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48 thoughts on “Primary Weapon Fantasies

  1. Galactus Galan says:

    Just found your channel and love ur vids. Love the humor too… when u did some vids with James Yeager a year or so ago…..i just remember u where one of the few people to give james a little shit and were smirking at him. Made me laugh. Anyway keep up the great vids!

  2. Frederick Premuto says:

    I would argue in the house that i would fight (more like ready to fight) to my long gun, maybe! Threat banging on door pull .380 (its what i carry at home comfort reasons) if they haven't made it thru door yet try and retreat to bedroom/Long gun location and bring that into the fight. Using hallway as fatal funnel. Otherwise completely agree with you, what you got on you in the street is what you got. Good chance your going to have to earn that draw with hand skills too. I like the videos just found your channel and subscribed, keep them coming!

  3. Bunk Man says:

    lol I read this often on the internut and always thought, what are you talking about?! Yes, your handgun is there so you can fight your back to your car, back to your house and get your rifle. Funny stuff 🙂

  4. AirRanger says:

    I have no fantasy about getting into a gun fight, in fact it is one of the last things that I would ever want to do. Many like mind people follow respectable channels such as Billy Birdzell have at least one type of designated fighting rifle at their home for a worst case scenario. I don't see why having a rifle safely secured in vehicle is a bad thing. Like Billy said you will not fight with a carry gun run to your vehicle retrieve a rifle and go back to fighting. You would be better off driving to a safer location. But for the reason we keep a rifle at home is the same as keeping in the vehicle, you don't know when an where you will be if that worst case scenario happens. You will most times be closer to your vehicle than your home for most working type people. I want that extra advantage to get home to my family.

  5. SuperSneakySniper says:

    My concealed weapon is Senate Bill 880. Governor Brown and Newson says that if a criminal approaches me with an assault weapon, all I have to do is pull out a copy of the senate bill and show it to the criminal (I got mine laminated so it works in the rain), and his assault weapon will disappear right out of his hands!

    It also works on 30 round magazines and machine guns with .50 caliber barrel shrouds, and armor penetrating ghost guns. Gee, California sure does work miracles with their gun control I tell ya! I feel so safe right now, not even funny!

  6. Michael Allen says:

    I can come close. My mom got attacked by a dog, and I shot it seven times with a .22LR pistol. That stopped the attack, but didn't kill the dog, so I walked back to the house and got a shotgun. Problem solved and stayin' solved! (No moms were hurt in the making of this story)

  7. gi70st says:

    Pistols are sidearms. Rifles are not. That's a fact. How that applies in a civilian self defense situation depends on quite a few details. What you have and will use primarily will be different in a home than on the street.

  8. 360 hammar says:

    I was wondering if you are still a big fan of eotechs? Would you still recommend one to the average person who isn't exposed to temperatures over 90 degress or slightly below freeezing?

  9. CromConsultants says:

    Good vid, it reminds me of some of the "Active Shooter Response" vids on here where dudes have full plate carriers with 12 mags, a couple trauma bags, rifle and a full setup war belt, and its like home boy even if you did happen to arrive at a AS instead of got caught in the middle of one, by the time you get all that shit on a dozen or more people will be dead…..It comes down to folks having unrealistic views of violent confrontation, thinking they will be in a Hollywood type situation instead of a dirty, short fight.

  10. Patrick says:

    youre killing me with common sense. i recently had the same epiphany and sold off a lot of my collection in exchange for more ammo and training. thank you.

  11. anthony clark says:

    Also, my brain is my primary weapon, and that means I am at an advantage, since most people don't use theirs. I practice a lot more with my pistol than my rifle because I will be more likely to use a pistol and I think it's a more difficult tool to use.

  12. anthony clark says:

    I carry two knives and a pistol with a spare mag, I keep a carbine in my trunk, but I know it will never be used. I know how unlikely it is that I'll be driving around in downtown okc, and come up on a riot or group of people who surround my vehicle, but I just feel better knowing it's there. I can access my trunk from inside my vehicle, so I don't have to get out to open my trunk if I need it. I would rather just drive off.

  13. Poe Performance says:

    Excellent! The weapon you have on you at the time of the fight IS your primary. The problem I see are the guys who regret not serving in the military still chasing those childhood dreams. They play dress up with plates and battle belts and put thousands of rounds through their ARs when they should spend more time training with their pistol.

  14. SuperSetCA says:

    A week ago, if anyone would have said that 1 guy would take on the entire Dallas PD and take out 12 of them with an SKS, he'd probably be laughed at. Something to think about..

  15. CountryBoyPrepper says:

    I get what you are saying but I don't agree 100%. 99.999% of the time I think we will never have a chance to deploy a rifle from our trunk. But I still feel better having it there. The world is changing. Threats are changing. We can't presume to know what might happen. I choose to be as prepared for the worst as possible.

  16. Win94ae says:

    It seems to me, the scenario you describe, would make it criminal activity… unless of course the bad guy was following you to where the long gun was.

    But I don't actually think the saying is to be taken literally.
    "The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down."–Clint Smith

    I assumed it meant, Clint Smith prefers a rifle. :/

  17. oilhammer04 says:

    There is that saying because we know that the handgun is not the most effective tool in some situations and we would rather have our long guns on us at all times. Carrying a long gun around as a civilian isn't very practical for most of us. With Obama's gift to America of racial disharmony and violence maybe more of us should carry long guns in our vehicles, at least.

  18. Pierre Roberge says:

    That was my game plan. Im a citrus grower and spray the trees at night. When I have to fill up a load or fix something, I always have a side arm thinking that it would give me a chance to make it to the door of the tractor and grab my AR. But since it is outside maybe it could work on some instances. Oh and I do have 2 German Shepherd as early warnings too. lol. But I think you are 100% percent right. Love your videos always on point.

  19. CircaSriYak says:

    "At what point did pistols become the weapons we use to fight our way to our long guns?"

    Right around the time the double stack magazine fad was supposed to go away I suppose…

  20. Whitpusmc says:

    OK, but is the mindset "I've got my pistol on me and I will use that if I must, but if there is an opportunity (like in a home defense scenario), to get to my long gun either initially or during a lull in the action, to get my long gun I will do so. " There have been home invasions where the perps tried to get in more than once? Still, excellent logic, train to the highest extent possible with what you are most likely to have on you. Try to have on you at all times the most possible, like carrying a nine in preference to a 22 or 32 when possible given season / clothing choices etc.

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