Premature ejaculation Treatments with Dr. Andrew Steinberg

In this weeks episode we talk about causes and treatments of premature ejaculation. Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …

18 thoughts on “Premature ejaculation Treatments with Dr. Andrew Steinberg

  1. Borabora Bora says:

    I got this extreme premature ejaculation problem 31 years now I'm 46 years old ruined my life 1 minutes all the time horrible feeling now definitely believe genetic problem born with low dopamine or my brain doesn't produce dopamine or I got faulty receptors I can not find any solution

  2. Borabora Bora says:

    I believe premature ejaculation genetic low dopamine cause premature ejaculation not serotonin I got this disease since teenager fucking I can not find any solution ruined my life extreme premature ejaculation1-2 minutes nothing working sex therapist,urologist,medication nothing …

  3. Bar Pedaret says:

    Awesome! I'm 21 and been experiencing loss of sensetivity and sensation, numbness, irritation and redness of the skin, extreme dryness of the skin, I get a ton of oils on it but still no good to the point that getting an erection is painful. The skin is screwed up I think.

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