Practical Self Defense: Knife Defense Series – Straight Knife Stab to Center of Mass

HowToKravMaga Knife Defense Series — Knife Stab to Center of Mass Description/Script The attacker takes out a knife and tries to stab your abdominal area.

32 thoughts on “Practical Self Defense: Knife Defense Series – Straight Knife Stab to Center of Mass

  1. Daniel Skipp says:

    Wow! I wrote the below before even watching halfway through. you get even worse! Repeatedly elbowing while just holding onto his wrist? OMFG, I wish you were joking.
    This shit just won't work at all against a real determined attacker [with sweaty and maybe bloody wrists].
    Your teaching is very irresponsible crap.
    "You may get minor cuts". No, you will get shanked repeatedly.
    Voiceover was fucking annoying too.

  2. Daniel Skipp says:

    I wonder why the 1000s of years of 1000000s of Asian warriors' experience never produced a popular block like this? They all teach rolling the arm over to block with the ulna bone. I guess getting the radial nerve and artery cut [and tendons too!] is a special Israeli technique we can't appreciate. It makes slapping on that wristlock a challenge!
    BTW have you documented this this move having a high success rate in the field?
    I bet not. Just more BS from the cult of krav maga martial bullshido.

  3. WhereDidItRun says:

    keyword being -may-.

    In my eyes all those "one stab" scenario trainings are pointless. No-one does that in real situation. They retreact the blade very fast and stab again. And again, and again pushing towards you frontaly with their mass. Sometimes with front hand ramming you or tryin to hold you.

  4. holysoks1 says:

    This technique is for use against when someone stabs at you on the inside.

    This side-steps the 'what if' side of doubt.
    You don't ONLY do everything that is done in this video, you can kick, punch or jab or countless other techniques, this is just one that works for certain situations.

  5. Cyprus says:

    Any amateur knife fighter will not lead with his knife hand let alone sticking it out for you to pull a maneuver like this on him/her. They will lead with their free hand and create opportunities in which they can then take out your gut to play with… Also their legs aren't paralyzed, why wouldn't they try to kick you either?

  6. pykolay says:

    Stupid control of the wrist and then hit!!! It is not possible for small hand vs big wrist and the reaction of the attacker when you hit him. You lose the control. This is a good way to lose en kill yourself.

  7. 1stNightingale says:

    This is a great demonstration and explanation. Just edit the mouse clicks out and don't voice over til after the did is edited also you don't need to speak deep or meaningful. Thankyou for the realistic detailed concise explanation of a great technique.

  8. jason200912 says:

    @theprofessorebs what do you mean "tries"….how can your bully even miss a stab on a defenseless kid?
    if he missed the first time or wasn't even close….he was probably just trying to scare you for money

  9. howtokravmaga says:

    We agree with you completely. When a knife is involved your best option is to run. What we demonstrate are techniques that if preformed correctly may save your life. It is very important to at least know, basic techniques.
    Those who don't know what to do, usually don't survive. Thanks for the comment.

  10. phantasmo14 says:

    the thing that makes knives more difficult to defend against is that there are many ways to hold a knife. there are many types of knives. it is a messy and very violent experience. there will be blood, either yours or theirs, and it can get slippery. but it's better to have an idea of what to do than having no clue at all. scary stuff tho

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