Practical Self Defense: Choke Defense Series – Rear Naked Choke Release + Throw Defense

HowToKravMaga Rear Naked Choke Release + Throw Script/ Description The attacker comes from behind, and quickly grabs you into a rear naked choke.

24 thoughts on “Practical Self Defense: Choke Defense Series – Rear Naked Choke Release + Throw Defense

  1. julian12465 says:

    What if the attacker pulls you up immediately or has modified the choke to put more pressure on the neck? Or if he's strong enough to lift you should you try to lower your elevation by muscling through your bodyweight? Any joints, dirty blows, or weak points to strike or target?

  2. Gooey Senpai says:

    i doubt that. he's dropping it halfway through the rotation. he could hold on and step with the rotation. the momentum could even help with that if you didn't properly throw off his balance. or even better, he could fall forward as your foot is hooking around his.
    i get that krav maga is meant to be straightforward and for real world situations. i'm just pointing out some things that seem discrepant to me.

  3. disclaimer05 says:

    This works well. We did this very same throw in my Karate class a few weeks ago and Sensei purposely matched up larger with smaller people and made them seriously choke each other. Sometimes you might need to throw an elbow or groin strike in there to help escape, especially if someone is large and strong. This works.

  4. Macaully McHulkin says:

    So, I know it's a really different situation, but I've had a guy (messing around, but it made me think) do this to me while I was seated in a barstool.There's no way to lower your center of mass… any suggestions?

  5. howtokravmaga says:

    No one will waist the extra energy to lift you up. (There's no reason to …)
    BUT, if the attacker actually does decide to life you up, off the ground, you should just smash his groin area (that he left completely open) until he loosens his grip. There is very little chance that anyone will lift you up from a rear naked choke, but if they do then attack his groin with full force.

  6. Furaxxxxx says:

    Is there any defence for an attack that is way taller and stronger than you? So that if the attacker chokes you, he will actually lift you up from the ground, how do you get out of that one?

  7. howtokravmaga says:

    @MrApb40 I know which move your talking about ill usually use that too but if the guy is really heavy throwing him over your shoulder may be a problem. We train a bunch of different moves for each situation this is only one.
    thanks for your support,

  8. howtokravmaga says:

    Defiantly add hitting/ grabs to the groin, it is the right thing to do.
    This move does work, and I personally have also used it in a real situation.

    In most of our videos we do not show hits to the groin, because it dangerous, and unnecessary.
    Our videos are made for people already studying some form of practical self defense,or krav maga. They should already understand that hitting to the groin is very useful.

  9. Patrick Jett says:

    This is the same thing they teach you in marine corps boot camp. MCMAP is like a cousin to krav maga maybe a sibling. I agree with lordscrub. Grab balls. you have 2 seconds of useful conciousness. I'm also bjj practitioner and I don't see this working.

  10. lordscrub says:

    seems a bit too complicated for me :-(. just a suggestion but next time your partner puts on a choke hold on you why not just reach your hand back and grab and rotate his testicles then once he's injured include your fancy throw or anything else you choose

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