Positioning Your Body to Prevent Switching Knife Hands

In a street fight you cannot dodge or deflect the knife indefinitely, so trapping it as soon as possible is essential. However, if you trap the knife arm incorrectly, …

10 thoughts on “Positioning Your Body to Prevent Switching Knife Hands

  1. Ingvar Rodmasson says:

    love your vids, you teach stuff that works well in very chaotic situations. my only concern with this particular vid is the technique your teaching really brings the knife and attacker in close and there seems to be no room at all for error here. personally i would be hesitant to promote this in case someone who hasn't got your skill set tries it for real and things go badly.
    but again, otherwise I think your videos are topnotch.

  2. Mukilab says:

    Imo you are one of the best teachers I've seen simply because of how you discuss real situations while maintaining practicality instead of just going for those 'theoretical' and 'perfect' fights. Thanks again for these videos.

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