Poppy Day: Royal Marines Reveal Unarmed Combat Techniques

Don’t try this at home! Have a look at how the Royal Marines take down their enemies without the use of weapons in this unarmed combat display put on for …

49 thoughts on “Poppy Day: Royal Marines Reveal Unarmed Combat Techniques

  1. Trust_Me_I'm_An_Engineer says:

    2:05 and he goes for a heel hook/leg lock (can't tell it's not technically done well). Wtf?! 2:20 that's not even an arm bar. 3:16 another badly done arm bar…You should never cross your feet like that, much easier to escape. 3:38 it's not anaconda it's reverse arm triangle, also poorly done. 3:50 poor rnc. 7:45 that double leg could've been done much better. This is more of a WWE show than marine combat techniques demonstration. I expected more realistic approach.

  2. Евгений Сибиряк says:

    Это не воинское мастерство, это шоу дилетантов. Обычно в школах старшеклассники такой цирк показывают для привлечения молодежи в секции.

  3. 777 777 says:

    ЕСЛИ ТАКАЯ У ВАС МОРСКАЯ ПЕХОТА))))))))))))) ТО РОССИЯ МОЖЕТ СПАТЬ СПОКОЙНО))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. gregor hall says:

    this is just a PG version of hand to hand combat, these are not techniques used very often if at all. these men are taught to rip off ears, gouge eyes, bite off fingers etc. a bit to violent for the younger children.

  5. Max Borrman says:

    Well, if bad luck brings me in front of these guys i wonder if there is any possibility to say "i surrender".

    Most important: the lads are pros but they seem not to take themselves too seriously. Hats off.

  6. Muzly says:

    This is not a demonstration or a 'reveal' of unarmed combat as used by the Royal Marines.  This is a wee wrestling show for the kids.The Jap-slapping they really use is far more applicable in real unarmed combat situations.

  7. Shawn Eshghi says:

    So what's the point of this? Is this supposed to make people want to take a career in the Royal Marines.
    Personally I don't believe joining the army should be a career choice someone should take. It's made people lack emotion and thought in making very important decisions. The majority of people are not against sending soldiers abroad to bring "peace" when there is no draft to possibly send their family members to go off and risk their lives in a war zone.

  8. Dilios the Spartan says:

    Yeah, of course it's a piss-take. These marines wouldn't be using these techniques with the Taliban or ISIS; that's why they have bayonets in CQB. Yes, they know how to effectively handle a hand-to-hand fight, but they will rarely, or never, use these tactics. Respect to the marines, best in the world (my opinion). Makes me proud to be English.

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