Police Pin and Spin Gun Retention



Instructors Eric Murray and Mark Wyler demonstrate the Pin and Spin gun retention method for law enforcement and security officers. This instructional segment …

11 thoughts on “Police Pin and Spin Gun Retention

  1. aikipanda says:

    ever watch the ufc? i have seen guys striking like this gentleman on the video- the other guy isn't just standing there not fighting back! to make a video of techniques like this puts officers that may not know better in danger assuming that the attacker won't be able to fight back.

  2. Kraig Bailey says:

    my concern is that you're pushing a subject away from you when he is potentially using deadly force against you by reaching for your weapon. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to secure the subject on the ground? I am in no way calling you out, I am a Defensive Tactics Instructor and simply care to share in a debate. I have found it most beneficial to secure the subjects grip with my elbow which allows me to use both hands for control. Your thoughts.

  3. opisex says:

    hmm just thought about something else.. the guy is attacking with his right hand against another right handed person.. even though his left hand is closer to the targets gun.

    now lets say the attacker either right or left handed attacks using their left hand instead.. putting your bodies more squared off? in the video the attacker looses the ability of their left hand because they're reaching across but not so if they attack with their left hand what do you do about dealing with their right?

  4. Trey Edings says:

    I agree, If they are attempting to get your gun from you then that in itself justifies deadly force. If he tried once then he will likley try again. Maybe he will be sucessfull next time. Don't give him the chance.

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