Police Impact Weapons Straight Baton OPN & PR24 Side Handle Baton



The I filmed this was 9/11 2015, 14 years after the MUSLIM terrorist attack on our country. NOTE HERE IS VIDEO EXPLAINING WHY KNIVES ARE SO …

27 thoughts on “Police Impact Weapons Straight Baton OPN & PR24 Side Handle Baton

  1. Mark Payton says:

    (Logan-5) I know that you said that you were in law enforcement, but there is no need for you to knock people of another nationality and religion just because several of their countrymen had to be assholes in our country. I have had several friends that were from Iraq and Iran and were Muslim. By the way, they're called "Nunchuks", not numchuks!!

  2. Dragon Of Dojima says:

    So in my hands it's a deadly weapon, but if I were defending myself with a pr 24 from another civilian, i could get in trouble because i would be bringing a lethal weapon to a non lethal fist fight?

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