3 thoughts on “Police defensive tactics-guard pass into armbar

  1. sidewinderbjj says:

    Conversely, this is a learning treatice for my recruits and students, not an "idiots guide to fighting", that is subject to every what if, coulda, woulda, shoulda scenario. If you are looking for the complete "fighting encyclopedia", i hate to disappoint you but this 3 minute video of mine will fall tragically short of your expectations. Although, im sure there were plenty of people who bought 6 minute abs and wondered…"why didnt i get abs in 6 minutes? The answer? EGO and IGNORANCE. God Bless

  2. sidewinderbjj says:

    thank you for your concerns. you should know that this is but a single technique being demonstrated to a class that is already proficient in top side control techniques. ii myself am a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt with over 10 years experience in grappling at national and even world level. Every fight is dynamic with an infinite number of possibilities and outcomes. "knowing how to fight" as you put it . merely means i do something different to achieve the desired outcome.

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