Police advice on knife attack defense goes viral

How do you survive a knife attack? This video showing tips from the Chinese police force has more than 16 million views.

45 thoughts on “Police advice on knife attack defense goes viral

  1. chris says:

    hi , i was approached by a mental guy who was high on some drug like ice or something last weekend. he was 5 metres away and getting closer. in a split second i ran for my life depended on it. i didnt even know if the nutcase was running after me as i didnt look around. i ran about 100 metres until i looked around and he wasnt in sight. the knife would have been at least 30cm long…..dont ever think you are weak by running away. its the best option because you will be seriously cut or dead. police caught the nutcase and he faces court.

  2. 1redrubberball says:

    It is my understanding that a knife wielding perp, about 20'-25' away, can stab a policeman before he can unsnap his holster strap and ready his weapon for use. In my mind, that makes a policeman have to make a snap decision about life and death.

  3. SilverSurfer says:

    Like it or not this is the best defense against knife attack. You will see groups from various martial arts teachings showing how to disarm the knife, it's not safe they are putting those peoples life in risk.

  4. vyr01 says:

    Or, allow your "subjects" to become Citizens and have the right to keep and bear arms to defend themselves from all attackers. Including the Government

  5. Marko Nekoizmase says:

    In fact, that was the only fair and usefull advice.
    I've seen masters of martial art easily beaten in street fights so you don't need much of thinking what would happen to an amateur or a "YT warior" faced to a attacker armed with knife.

  6. Thomas Scream says:

    To all the people accusing the video of being based off a stolen idea, do keep in mind that this (Running away from a knife fight) is rather common advice, and, lacking concrete evidence, coincidence is a far better explanation of the release of the video than imitation.

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