PMAM S02 E05: Forged in Fire’s Doug Marcaida



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6 thoughts on “PMAM S02 E05: Forged in Fire’s Doug Marcaida

  1. Zimmbodilion Mosende says:

    "It will KEAL"

    Kids and wifey love the series "Forged in Fire". Seems like they have been watching it since it started… even before Lawrence (myb19yo son) started training in Arnis. We did not even know Doug was Filipino then!

    Thanks Carlos Hermanos for featuring Doug Marcaida in this show. It is interesting how he discovered the Filipino Martial Arts, his teachers, and his colorful transformational journey. I also liked that he had admiration of Aikido, the other art I love. But most of all, his appreciation of how Martial Arts teaches parents to be good parents… people to become responsible persons.

    CHEERS to a very interesting and enjoyable episode!

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