Places to Avoid Getting Cut or Stabbed at All Cost

Being stabbed anywhere in your body is painful, but the actual effects on your health can vary wildly from minor blood loss to almost instant death. Subscribe to …

23 thoughts on “Places to Avoid Getting Cut or Stabbed at All Cost

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  2. Lanz Friszt says:

    The way he cut the wrist would do nothing. Depressed people do this all the time, it's kind of a big part of our culture at the moment. You have to cut along the wrist,  parallel to the artery.

  3. Benjamin Riche says:

    My dad was stabbed in the femoral artery. I was there and applied pressure until the paramedics arrived. There is very little chance that you'll ever see that much blood in your life. He almost lost all of it but managed to survive. I'm just glad that I was there.

  4. Mar-Works says:

    neck artery stab leads to unconscious pretty quickly, if your stabbed in the heart, you die from pressure of the blood bleeding out into the surrounding chamber and strangling your heart so it can't beat, you will actually die of that before you even bleed out, even if your somewhat lucky there is a good chance the heart will go into fibrillation and die anyway.

    years back I knew of someone in security who was arresting someone and put his arm threw a security door and cut his artery it was brutal to see the guard bleeding out of the footage that was saved from our sister mall…

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